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Immigration and employment laws in the UAE can be complex and best practice changes regularly. As a result, keeping up with developments and managing your employees in a legally compliant way can be expensive and time consuming. PwC HR Support helps you manage costs and minimise people-related risks. You get access to as much advice as you require on any immigration or employment related issue, whether it’s a quick query or an in-depth chat around a tricky ongoing matter. Costing from as little as USD 1,000 per month (excluding VAT), our service will provide you with the support of an in house lawyer at a fraction of the regular cost. 

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You will receive:

  1. The HR Support helpline
    Telephone access to specialist immigration and employment lawyers and legal professionals.  Call as many times as you like, whenever you need expert legal advice on any immigration or employment issue. 
  2. Legal Updates
    You will receive regular newsletters setting out the latest developments to immigration and employment laws in the UAE. 
  3. Discounted Fees
    You will receive a flat 15% discount on any immigration or employment services which fall outside of the scope of the HR Support service.

Benefits to you:

  1. Access to experienced legal professionals who can provide advice on your statutory obligations and enable you to ensure your business is legally compliant
  2. Commercial and pragmatic advice from specialist immigration and employment lawyers and legal professionals
  3. Cost savings on your immigration and employment law spending

Frequently asked questions

What is PwC HR Support?

Telephone access to specialist immigration and employment lawyers and legal professionals that you can call whenever you need expert legal advice on any immigration or employment issue.

What are the benefits of using PwC HR Support?

You reduce the risk of labour court claims, reputational and financial damage. 

Our team ensures that you stay legally compliant and avoid expensive mistakes. We will assist you in identifying practical and commercial solutions to your immigration and employment problems minimising risk to your business. 

You save management time and improve efficiency. 

We can help your business navigate and stay on top of immigration and employment law matters, freeing up your time to focus on what really matters to you - running your business. 

You save costs and can budget with certainty. 

Costing from as little as USD 1,000 per month (excluding VAT), PwC HR Support enables you to fix your immigration and employment legal spend to a low monthly subscription fee, whilst receiving as much advice as you need. This helps you avoid the unpredictably and expense of hourly rates, reduce your expenditure on external lawyers and consultants and manage your budget with a degree of certainty.

You get access to PwC’s wider people services. 

Our immigration and employment professionals work closely with other PwC specialists as part of a multi-disciplinary team of advisers including pensions, tax, global mobility, HR consultants and incentive specialists. We are able to liaise seamlessly with other teams when advice is needed on more niche, complex or international matters. 

You get discounted rates. 

Our rates for project, litigation or other immigration and employment matters falling outside the scope of PwC HR Support will be provided at a discounted rate compared to our standard hourly fees.

You get access to a market leading team.

We have one of the best government liaison teams in the UAE, with significant experience, that we apply when assisting your organisation.

How does it work?

You pay a monthly subscription, starting from as little as USD 1,000 (plus VAT) per month with no hourly bills or hidden costs. In return, you receive the following: 

  • telephone access to our immigration and employment law specialists. You can call anytime between 8:30am and 5:30pm, Sunday to Thursday, as many times as you like to speak to one of our immigration or employment experts. Our team will provide you with verbal advice on any UAE immigration or employment issue
  • regular legal updates on immigration and employment matters
  • a 15% discount on our hourly rates for any immigration or employment services provided outside of the PwC HR Support scope

How much advice can I really get?

You can seek expert legal advice and support from specialist immigration and employment lawyers as many times as you like, whenever you like, on any UAE immigration or employment issue, all for one fixed monthly fee. Advice and support are on hand whenever you need them without having to worry about cost.

What areas of advice are included?

Our immigration and employment lawyers can advise on a broad range of HR and employment related matters including: 

  • the best type and availability of visas for different circumstances; 
  • onboarding processes including how to obtain a employment residence visa and work permit; 
  • queries around contracts of employment and issues arising from policy documents;
  • management of performance and disciplinary matters; 
  • issues arising around business reorganisation and redundancy; 
  • sickness and absence management; 
  • transfer of employment; 
  • whistleblowing; 
  • termination of employment; and 
  • pensions and end of service gratuity.

We also provide a separate fixed fee for any work falling outside the scope of the subscription, such as undertaking visa processes on your behalf as well as auditing compliance of your workplace processes and carrying out workplace investigations.

I’ve already got an immigration or employment legal provider – why should I use PwC?

In addition to the benefits set out above, using PwC HR Support gives you access to top quality legal advice from some of the most established lawyers working for one of the best known brands in the market for a fixed, up front fee. Our lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with complex immigration and employment issues and our HR Support service is unrivalled in the UAE HR market. 

PwC Legal has over 3,500 lawyers in 90 countries globally with the broadest coverage of any firm in the world by geography. We are unrivalled in terms of holistic offering with a mix of legal and non-legal capabilities and we are able to provide our clients with a seamless holistic experience, no matter the requirements.

What is excluded from the package?

PwC HR Support allows you to manage the cost of day to day immigration and employment advice relating to issues regularly arising around employment relationship and which can be addressed through a phone call with one of our lawyers. 

Consequently, any work which cannot be dealt with over the phone or is a stand alone project will not be covered by the subscription. As an example, the following would be excluded

  • reviewing or drafting documents such as employment contracts or settlement agreements;
  • preparing, submitting or providing detailed steps of documents such as visa applications or pension registration applications; 
  • project work (e.g. investigations, audits, litigation); and
  • legal work which does not fall within the scope of immigration or employment (such as banking or corporate advice). 

Who provides the advice?

All advice will be provided by our specialist immigration or employment lawyers. With over 10 immigration and employment lawyers and legal professionals in the UAE, we have one of the largest immigration and employment practices and are one of the only legal providers able to offer both specialised immigration and employment advice.

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in signing up for PwC HR Support or hearing more about the service, please contact Anir Chatterji or Natalie Jones to discuss your requirements in more detail and look at the best solution for your business.

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