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What if you were able to invest in new digital initiatives while reducing overall organisational costs and improving your performance?

Shifting demographics, digital expectations, and a demand for meaningful and flexible work are changing the relationship between organisations and employees. Senior executives are increasingly under pressure to adapt to tomorrow’s world of work.

PwC Middle East has 70+ digital HR experts who can help modernise your HR function by simplifying processes, shifting technologies to the cloud, and embedding wider digital HR solutions, such as self-service, automation, AI and other predictive talent tools.


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Modernise HR

  • Assess your HR maturity with the help of our digital tools and benchmarking
  • Define a strategy, the roadmap and the case for change
  • Simplify and standardise operating models, systems and processes, and replace outdated systems with digital HR applications
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Improve employee experience

  • Enhance employee experience through effective HR delivery models that place people at the heart of the process
  • Create a future-focused culture that drives engagement, productivity and innovation
  • Evolve the role of the manager for tomorrow’s dynamic workforce
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Enable workforce strategy

  • Support changing workplace dynamics and priorities
  • Build robust people data & analytics capabilities to proactively plan for tomorrow’s workforce skills and technological disruption
  • Implement effective people and talent processes to upskill and transform the workforce

Our digital services

Our team will help you envision the future of human resource management by defining a digital people strategy and innovation roadmap which leverages cutting edge technology, social and market trends.

Our team will ensure your organisation is ready to embark on a digital HR transformation journey by assessing functions, people, systems, data and governance.

Our team will map employee experiences across the organisation to reinforce positive change, enhance employee engagement and improve productivity.

To support your digital transformation and people strategy journey, our team can provide access to digital tools, such as the PwC Retail Experience app, TrueChoice: PwC Employee Experience and Employee Preferences app and many more.

Our data analysts and scientists will unlock the power of your HR data and help your organisation grow in its data maturity.

Our team will support you in the design of an overall human resources management ecosystem and in the selection of a new HR platform that maximises efficiency and enhances productivity.

Our team will analyse your processes and automate them with the best RPA technologies ‒ reducing errors, increasing data quality and productivity without disrupting your technology environment.

Our team will help you implement your business and HR transformation, and deliver a differentiated employee experience by digitally enabling your workforce and HR functions.

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