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Meet Anita D'Mello

Anita joined the firm as a fresh graduate and had the opportunity to experience work across different Lines of Services, industries and even countries. This is how her 15+ years of experience with the firm has changed her life. 

How would you describe your time at PwC?

As a fresh graduate, about 15 years ago, I started my career with PwC Middle East as an Audit Associate in Dubai. As someone who had just graduated from university, the experience I had at the firm was very exciting; I have met different clients, visited different locations, and learned something new every single day. 

From Audit, I made a move to Deals, and I was fortunate to work with three different lines of service,carrying out work across multiple industries and countries. The people I got to work with are truly inspiring! All had diverse experiences and perspectives that helped build trust and deliver sustained outcomes. 

Tell us about a step in your career that you consider life changing 

One of the many great things about working at PwC is the global mobility opportunities the firm unlocks, and I can never forget my secondment at PwC New York: 

On a professional level, the secondment helped me adapt and learn; it improved my leadership skills and greatly expanded my horizons from learning to navigate change and uncertainty, to broadening up my connections, as well as enhance developing valuable insights that help my clients manoeuvre through some major changes in the business world.

On a personal level - I met my now husband there and got the chance to become friends with people from all walks of life!. To date I am still close friends with these individuals from China, Singapore, Australia , Kazakhstan, Korea, Trinidad, and the list goes on. 

After the exciting role in New York, what was your next step?

After two inspiring years in New York, I came back to the Middle East and was looking for my next new challenge. We had a new service offering with the forensics team and I decided to take on the opportunity.

After that, to diversify my learning and career journey even more, I thought it was time for another new adventure and that was when I knew I should move to an internal role. Through this role that I played a part in, I was able to transform this position into a critical one and I soon got promoted to Director!

What would your advice to your colleagues and future PwCers be? 

Always assess your life situation and reflect on what is important to you at that specific point in your life. I never imagined that I would move to an internal role, but certain personal circumstances led me to this move.

“My journey with the firm has taught me that the possibilities are endless. If you are willing to get out of your comfort zone and move into your growth zone, then you could possibly calibrate a “new you” to help you achieve your purpose, grow, learn and discover."

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