Unique Shaolin course

Untraditional approach to business issues

Unique Shaolin course

Shaolin course offers a unique experience of dealing with stress and conflicts. It offers an alternative view of the world, allows you to perceive your work and personal problems from a different perspective and helps you to deal with them more effectively. By joining this course you will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and wisdom that is more than 1,500 years old and has been transmitted from the Shaolin Masters to their students across the generations. The course will provide you with all the necessary tools, methods and knowledge that will help you improve the quality of your professional life. Thanks to the Shaolin wisdom that will be passed on to you directly from Shaolin monks, you will learn techniques that will allow you to change not only your habits, but also your future.


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Lessons of Shaolin course

Lesson 1

It may seem that stress is an inevitable part of life in modern society. However, chronic stress can result in exhaustion, decreased energy levels, pessimism and even depression. The ongoing chronic stress is associated with health issues and reduced well-being. The negative effects on individuals are obvious, both on personal and professional levels. In this context, it is fascinating to see how the knowledge that Shaolin monks pass on to each other for hundreds of years can lead to stress management.

This lesson will help you to: 
  • Understand the causes of stress,
  • Choose an effective strategy for coping the stress,
  • Understand stress from a Buddhist perspective,
  • Cope with the inevitable,
  • Prevent stress,
  • Avoid resorting to crisis solutions and focus on the problem as a whole,
  • Develop an individual "action plan” to help you reduce the negative effects of stress.


Lesson 2

The main principles that will be introduced to you on the first day of the Shaolin course will be applied in the second lesson to everyday challenges and life situations.

This lesson will help you to:
  • Distinguish what you can influence and what you can't,
  • Manage situations that can gradually escalate into open conflict,
  • Learn methods leading to conflict management and resolution,
  • Get familiar with practical techniques that will enable you to deal with situations that can generate conflicts.


Course details

This 2-day course consists of 2 consecutive lessons that will reveal to you the knowledge of Shaolin monks, who have passed on wisdom from one generation to the other for hundreds of years. 
The first lesson will introduce you to stress management and to the effects of stress on our quality of life. The second follow-up lesson will strengthen your conflict management skills and improve your communication skills.

Why a Shaolin course with PwC Academy?
  • The course is led directly by Shaolis monks from one of the largest Shaolin temples in Europe,
  • You will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and wisdom that is more than 1,500 years old and has been transmitted from the Shaolin Masters to their students across the generations,
  • You will learn to manage stress and learn techniques that will help you improve the quality of your life.


The course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to:

  • Cope with stress,
  • Deal with situations that can generate conflicts,
  • Manage to influence the mind and find calmness both in business and personal life.


After successful completion of the course you receive PwC certificate.


Shi Heng Zong, 35th generation Shaolin Buddhist Master and Abbot of the Shaolin Temple Europe, and Shi Heng Yi, 35th generation Shaolin Disciple and Headmaster of the Shaolin Temple Europe. Both are eager to share their knowledge and insights with people outside the monastery.
Important note: We would like to clarify that the content of the training is not about belief or in any way religious.



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