Forensic technology & eDiscovery

Making your information work for you

Managing your data in a time of crisis

Business threats like fraud, corruption, internal theft and intellectual property disputes are on the rise, and the impact to a company’s brand and bottom line is all too real. Our team of digital and investigative forensics specialists can help you meet these challenges proactively, guiding you towards informed decisions—from the boardroom to the courtroom.

Before evidence is lost, talk to us. We can help you prevent, investigate and remediate issues arising from regulatory, legal and commercial minefields that can damage your brand and bottom line if left unchecked.

Our global network of experienced specialists uses analytics and investigative technology to deliver swift, efficient response times with local knowledge of regulations, culture and language. We offer assistance with complex technology and data challenges, and we serve as expert witnesses. We also conduct fraud and forensic investigations and develop value-preserving solutions for companies that have been compromised by weakened processes and controls.

How we can help

Digital forensics

Keep pace with technology

Digital data can be elusive and complex. In today’s evolving digital world, new opportunities for criminal activity arise daily. And this brings challenges for investigating incidents of wrongdoing. Our multidisciplinary digital forensics approach will ensure a swift response when you need to collect, preserve and analyze data. Regardless of how decentralized your essential data storage has become, our forensic technology professionals will help you collect and analyze data from computers, servers, mobile devices, cloud storage and the internet of things.


Manage eDiscovery effectively

Our team of experienced professionals will help you navigate all phases of the eDiscovery life cycle, including collection, processing and production of electronic and hard-copy documents. We have the technology and resources to manage your eDiscovery needs, staying on time and on budget while mitigating risk.

Investigative analytics

Find the relevant facts in your data

The volume and complexity of data grow by the minute. When a critical and time-sensitive issue is at hand, how do you make sense of it? Our forensic technology professionals draw on advanced data analytics techniques, combined with a forensic investigative mindset to get insight into your data. Use investigative analytics to reduce review time and costs—get the answers you need when you need them.

Information governance and records management

Manage your complex data

As organizations continue to generate unprecedented volumes of unstructured data, important business information is often lost. Management of electronically stored information is a critical business and legal issue. We help clients develop strategies to handle the entire life cycle of information—from creation to destruction: records management; information governance; eDiscovery preparedness consulting; and electronic trial support.

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