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2019 builder finalist: Interac

Our innovation is: "fast, convenient, secure"

— Anurag Kar, Director for Push Payments, Interac


Finalist category: 
The builder


What problem is the innovation trying to solve?

"With the growth of the gig economy and small- and micro-businesses, Canadians need payment solutions that help them thrive. INTERAC e-Transfer Autodeposit and Request Money reduces payment delays, improves cash flow and enables entrepreneurs and business owners to reinvest in their organizations."

— Anurag Kar, Director for Push Payments, Interac

The innovation:

"The award-winning INTERAC e-Transfer Request Money and Autodeposit solutions allow Canadians to request and receive money faster and safer than before. Request Money is a seamless solution to request and receive funds, while Autodeposit allows funds to be instantly deposited without security questions while maintaining strict security standards."

— Anurag Kar, Director for Push Payments, Interac

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