Vision to Reality Innovator of the Year Award #V2R

The search for the most innovative organizations in Canada


Congratulations to the 2017 V2R Innovator of the Year Award winners

All finalists and winners were selected by an independent panel of innovation experts


The disruptor winner
Upbrella Construction

Region: Quebec
The winning innovation is: "fast, safe, better"

Learn more about Upbrella Construction's innovation


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The builder winner
Humber River Hospital

Industry: Healthcare
Region: Ontario
The winning innovation is: "lean, green, digital"

Learn more about Humber River Hospital's innovation.


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The visionary winner
McKesson Canada

Region: Ontario
The winning innovation is: "patient-centred, mobile, sustainable"

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Innovation can happen anywhere.
But what does innovation mean to us?

It’s adapting to and driving the changing market around us. It’s about moving fast and solving a business problem. It’s a new idea that adds value to people, business and society.

Our Vision to Reality (V2R) Innovator of the Year award recognizes the best innovators in Canada.

Applications for the 2017 V2R Innovator of the Year Award program are now closed. Find out more about our 2018 award program.




About the award

Vision to Reality (V2R) Innovator of the Year Award is PwC Canada’s annual program aimed at recognizing and celebrating the most innovative organizations in the nation. Whether your organization is big or small, in healthcare or retail—now’s the time to be recognized.

Application submission period

2018 applications open Fall 2017
Find out more about the 2018 V2R award program.

Finalist selection

January through April, 2017*

Applicant and finalist celebration events

March-April, 2017 in Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal and Vancouver

Winners announced at the award ceremony

June, 2017 in Toronto

*PwC’s independent panel of judges will determine finalists and winners in two rounds of deliberations. 

Award benefits

We welcome our 2017 applicants, finalists and winners to reap the benefits of our annual national awards program. We're committed to providing all participants with valuable experiences and knowledge sharing opportunities to inspire future innovation efforts and growth.


Get the recognition you deserve and be seen as a leader in #innovation.


15 finalists and three winners will be celebrated on a national stage.


Meet people who share your drive. Benchmark your innovation efforts against the best in class.


Become part of the innovation story in Canada.


Award criteria

Our independent panel of judges will be evaluating organizations which can demonstrate a new idea that’s adding value to people, business or society according to the following criteria:

The idea (40%)

Are you solving an important problem? Is your innovation truly unique? Is it difficult to replicate? Is it disrupting your industry or organization?

The execution (25%)

How was your innovation implemented? How was it communicated to your stakeholders, employees and target audience? How complex was it in terms of regulatory issues and competition? Were there any extraordinary challenges you had to overcome? 

The value (25%)

Can you prove the success of your innovation? Do you have any success metrics such as: value in your market, socioeconomic impact, engagement, operational efficiencies, cost savings, revenue or customer acquisition?

The future (10%)

Where do you see your innovation taking your organization in the future? What are the next steps in your innovation journey?


Award categories

The V2R Innovator of the Year Award will recognize Canadian organizations and their innovation accomplishments in the following three categories:

The disruptor awarded to a small organization or start-up

You saw it first. You put it all on the line to bring your vision to life.

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The builder awarded to a mid-size organization

You’re the change agent. While everyone else focused on the tried and tested, your team saw a better way, a smarter way.

Learn more

The visionary awarded to a large organization

Your team is keeping your organization out in front. As the world changes and new opportunities and risks arise, you’re there with solutions that keep your competitors racing to catch up.

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Award journey

Application submission

Review our short application form, gather your information, fill out the form and submit.

Applications for 2017 V2R Innovator of the Year Award are now closed.
2018 V2R award program will open Fall 2017.Register to receive updates of our 2018 V2R award program.

Finalist announcement and due diligence

Watch out for your organization’s name in our announcements and participate in our exclusive celebrations! Finalists can expect on site due diligence visits from PwC Canada before they’re qualified for the second round of judging.

Celebrate the nation’s best

Our three winners will be announced at the 2017 V2R Innovator of the Year Award ceremony in Toronto. Get ready to celebrate the best innovators in the country!


Independent panel of judges


We knew it would take a robust and diverse group of experts to judge the many innovative ideas that are going to be submitted. Our independent panel of judges are industry leaders and experts in innovation, drawn from a wide range of specialization from technology to manufacturing and beyond.

Find out more about our independent panel of judges.




“The sustained pace of technological and social change means that new opportunities are constantly emerging—to enter new markets, work more naturally, capture more value, use technology for competitive advantage and redefine relationships, business and society for the better. The Vision to Reality Innovator of the Year Award program celebrates just that— the notion that great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone.” 

Arie Fisher, Head of Innovation, PwC Canada



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