Transformation risk and advisory

Providing insight into the risks facing your major investments

Transforming a business is no small task. Successful investments in technology, process, infrastructure and people require a well formulated combination of culture, leadership, tools and people. While the benefits can be extensive, the risks can be very high. Directors and leaders want confidence that their transformation is designed, implemented and operating well.

Gain confidence during your transformation

By applying our best practice frameworks and tools, you can gain insights into the risks facing your investment and discover ways to mitigate these risks.


  • Review your transformation strategy, architecture and assurance plan.
  • Assess your transformation roadmap and approach to benefit realization.

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  • Conduct deep dive investigations into your key delivery risks, such as portfolio management, benefit realization, supply-chain effectiveness or financial management.
  • Review your portfolio, program and project management approaches at key decision points.

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PMO design & operation

  • Review the design of your program office (PO) relative to any Centres of Excellence, portfolio offices, project offices and corporate management functions.
  • Assess the impact and maturity of the services offered by your PO.

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Agile project delivery

  • Assess your approach to Agile project delivery and how well it’s integrated into your organization’s culture.
  • Review the maturity of your agile methodologies, practices and ceremonies.

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  • Review the effectiveness of your governance, risk management and reporting processes.
  • Investigate your approach to technology modernization and the challenges you face introducing novel or emerging technologies.

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What makes transformations successful?

Key areas where the Top 10 Percent perform strongly in each dimension of the index:

Contributing to the development of strategy

Integration and alignment:
Fully aligning initiatives and key performance indicators (KPIs) to the wider organization’s critical strategic and change goals

Adapting project management tools, methodologies, and practices to different projects and teams

Technology and data:
Adopting digital tools that enhance collaboration and communication

Committing to the continuous training and development of project management professionals

What is the role of a project manager and how can they influence the successful outcome of their project?

1. Understanding strategic goals

2. Building relationships

3. Influencing outcomes

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