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French desk

Your partner for success in Canada

If you are a French company with operations in Canada looking to achieve long-term success, then PwC Canada’s French desk was developed with you in mind!

Our team of bilingual professionals has more to offer than just solutions tailored to your company’s specific needs. It also offers the simplicity of a single point of contact, combined with a strong global network.

PwC Canada’s French desk is a member of the French Executives Network, PwC’s global network of professionals dedicated to supporting French businesses active outside France, and works closely with PwC France, other members of the French Executives Network located in 28 countries and all of PwC’s offices worldwide. The result is a seamless, consistent and continuous service offering.

Julien Lassonde

French Desk Leader

  • Targeting potential prospects and partners
  • Acquiring a business
  • Elaborating and implementing a sales, acquisition or corporate financing strategy
  • Improving your tax position
  • Enhancing your use of R&D and job creation financial incentives
  • Strengthening the operational performance of subsidiaries
  • Obtaining audit and accounting services
  • Audit, accounting advisory, financial reporting
  • Mergers and acquisitions, corporate financing services, valuation, tax structuring and post-acquisition assistance
  • Tax rule compliance and optimization
  • Transfer pricing
  • Issues related to risk management and regulation
  • Diagnostics and performance improvements
  • Strategic planning and assistance with implementation
  • Reorganization and liquidation
  • Formed of professionals known for their ability to support French business initiatives in Canada
  • Accustomed to solving the kinds of problems international French companies or their foreign subsidiaries face
  • Capable of proposing solutions tailored to the local environment
  • Connected to the 28 offices of the French Executives Network and PwC’s global network

Thinking about France as a business destination?

Are you starting up a business or expanding in France? We will identify and mobilize the resources you need, where you need them, working hand-in-hand with our network.

Contact us

Julien Lassonde

Julien Lassonde

Partner, PwC Associates, National Incentives Leader, PwC Canada

Tel: +1 418 997 4019

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