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Digital IQ 2017—Canadian insights

Unlocking value from digital investments


of Canadian vs. 14% of global executives see “digital” as just about customer-facing technology activity


of Canadian vs. 63% of global executives see a lack of skilled teams as a barrier to getting results from digital


of Canadian vs. 43% of global executives have dedicated teams for digital innovation

Keeping pace with transformation

As companies become more sophisticated about technology adoption, the questions around how to stay ahead get harder. And while Canadian executives say they’re doing a lot in digital, many are conservative in their approach—often hesitant to move ahead boldly.

Since we first set out to measure Digital IQ a decade ago, the scope and scale of digital-driven change has widened, and organizations have spent a lot of time and money to keep up. Through Digital IQ—the measurement of an organization’s abilities to harness and profit from technology—we look at where Canadians stand today and what’s needed to unlock value from established and emerging technologies to thrive in the years ahead.

Digital has evolved to be more than IT infrastructure or customer-facing technologies. True transformation happens when organizations think about digital holistically and pursue a balanced approach that touches on everything from technology and workplace culture to strategy and business outcomes. This report will help organizations use the power of their people to redefine digital transformation, rethink their talent strategies and shift their culture to adopt emerging technology.

Canadian organizations and executives with a strong Digital IQ

Canadian statistic 59%
Company as a whole

52% globally

Canadian statistic 82%

83% globally 

Canadian statistic 61%

62% globally

Canadian statistic 28%

30% globally

A Digital IQ score of 70 or more (out of 100) is considered strong.


Globally, the results show that organizations with a stronger Digital IQ are more likely to achieve stronger financial performance. And Canadian organizations perform well in this regard, with 59% giving themselves a strong score of 70 or more out of 100, compared to 52% globally.

Driving strategy

Canadian organizations have a narrow definition of digital and need to think more holistically about transforming their business through technology.

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State of digital talent

Do we have the people power to execute our strategy? While digital skills in Canada are seen as important, there’s a capability gap that needs to be filled.

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Emerging technology and innovation

Canadians see outdated technology as the biggest barrier to getting results from digital initiatives—despite the reality of disruption.

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Canadians are missing opportunities to control costs and achieve efficiencies through their digital investments

Explore Digital IQ highlights in this infographic

Digital IQ featured on BNN

Nadir Hirji, Strategy& Partner and PwC Canada Digital Services Lead, discusses the Canadian approach to digital innovation and whether or not Canadian organizations are prepared enough to thrive in a market of digital disruption.

About Digital IQ

PwC has conducted Digital IQ research since 2007, and this year marks our eighth survey of business and IT executives globally. The 2017 edition was fielded from September to November 2016 and included 100 Canadian and 2,216 global respondents. In Canada, 75% work in organizations with revenues of $1 billion or more, and 25% have revenues between $500 million and $1 billion.


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