Asset Lifecycle Management

Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) is the process of optimizing the profit generated by your assets throughout their lifecycle. Comprehensive asset portfolio management, rigorous project execution, and effective and efficient asset management practices help deliver desired outcomes. Our suite of service offerings addresses all the stages of an asset’s lifecycle regardless of their scope, scale or industry. Drawing upon years of experience and a multitude of skill sets locally and from around the world, we ensure that your business needs are supported by helping you achieve optimal return on your asset base.


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Global reach and experience
Global reach and experience
Global reach and experience
Global reach and experience

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ALM by industry and sector


Rapid innovation in hydrocarbon extraction and processing techniques is fuelling continued investment in the energy sector. Oil sands, shale gas and tight oil development attract significant new capital, in spite of endemic cost and schedule overruns on large capital projects. Operators and investors are evaluating new LNG projects to capture better pricing for North American gas.

Our team can help you mitigate the risks associated with new capital projects, eliminate inefficiencies when transitioning to Operations, and design and implement the right practices to optimize production uptime and the value of your assets.

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Power & Utilities

Aligning your operational strategy to the core drivers of value is critical to maintaining a balance across operational excellence, risk management and cost effectiveness. By optimizing capital expenditures and the installed asset base, you’ll be better able to deliver reliable, cost-effective energy.

Our cross-functional team of highly skilled and experienced professionals can help you effectively select and deliver capital projects, develop and implement appropriate strategies to operate and maintain your assets and ensure that your organization is compliant to current asset management standards.

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The successful execution of major capital projects is a critical business activity for companies in asset-intensive sectors, including the mining industry. With low confidence in cost controls, return on capital and commodity prices, miners are trying to rebuild the market’s confidence.

We’ve developed our services to meet the full breadth and lifecycle of mining assets from mine to mill, mill to processing plants and onward; from the concepts’ design, all the way through to building, operating, maintaining and decommissioning of facilities and assets. By working with your service providers and assessing your contracts and processes, we’ll help drive improvements in production.

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Having a real understanding of the availability, utilization and quality of your assets is critical to your business. Too often, overestimates of your assets’ efficiency result in operational and maintenance issues. We can help you predict and address these types of challenges throughout the lifecycle of your asset. From planning for the purchase of your asset to decommissioning that asset at its end of use, our cross-functional teams will help you to optimize your availability, and as a result, your productivity.

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Public sector

Public sector organizations are constantly seeking ways to improve operational efficiency and cut costs. As the need to do more with less continues to rise, public sector organizations are looking at cost efficient ways to get the expertise they need to align their processes and implement technology solutions to make better decisions. Our team’s experience in supply chain, data management, technology transformation, as well as people and process change help public sector organizations manage any asset in their portfolio.

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Real Estate

In an effort to balance cost reduction and investment initiatives, many organizations are using the real estate asset lifecycle to identify the processes, systems and strategies that offer the greatest potential for immediate impact and long-term value. It’s no surprise, since real estate costs often represent the second largest expense category for most organizations; however, actionable information is often lacking across all functional areas.

We bring together professionals with extensive experience in real estate, finance, accounting and tax to help companies facing strategic real estate challenges to anticipate and resolve issues during all phases of the asset lifecycle. Our broad knowledge of the commercial real estate markets positions us well to enhance all aspects of your corporate real estate goals.

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