Putting security at the epicentre of innovation

Findings from the 2024 Global Digital Trust Insights

Businesses are reinventing themselves. Policymakers are thinking of new regulatory approaches. Are your senior executives being similarly innovative in the way they secure your organization? How bold can you be, and what might you do differently?

Our 2024 Global Digital Trust Insights survey reflects the views of over 3,800 senior security, tech and business executives, including over 200 professionals in Canada. This year, it shows cybersecurity is facing four major, and potentially disruptive, shifts.

  • Data breaches are becoming increasingly prevalent—and costly. Canadian executives know they need to up their game: top cyber investment priorities for the next year are tech modernization, including cyber infrastructure, (selected by 58% of respondents) and optimization of current tech and investments (45%).

  • Regulations requiring transparency about cyber incidents and risk management are adding additional complexity. Canadian executives expect proposed harmonized cyber and data protection laws to have the greatest impact on their ability to secure future revenue growth (selected by 37% of respondents).

  • As organizations continue to invest in new technologies and ways of working, cloud security is top of mind. Cloud attacks and attacks on connected devices are the cyber threats Canadian respondents are most concerned about (52% and 50%, respectively).

  • Generative AI is bringing new threats and unprecedented promise for cyber defence. A striking 80% of Canadian respondents say their organization will use GenAI tools for cyber defence in the next year (compared to 69% globally).

It’s no longer business-as-usual. But are you still stuck on cyber-as-usual?


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Key takeaways for Canadian executives

Naren Kalyanaraman, PwC Canada’s Cybersecurity, Privacy and Financial Crime National Leader, shares more about this year’s Global Digital Trust Insights survey and key takeaways for Canadian executives.

Read our C-suite playbook: Putting security at the epicentre of innovation, which features insights from our Global Digital Trust Insights survey, to learn more about how to approach these quickly evolving cybersecurity issues today.

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