Creating customer value with Salesforce

Here's how Salesforce and PwC Canada can help your business

PwC and Salesforce deliver personalised solutions for customers

Driven by the idea that companies should treat all customers like they're the only customer, PwC's solutions - powered by Salesforce - are designed to strengthen your client relationships and experience. From sales, service, customer management, marketing and more, we'll help you find the right Salesforce solution to meet your needs.


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Create your front office of the future

In 2017, PwC set out on a journey to become a digitally enabled organisation with our global deployment of Salesforce. Watch our Trailblazer story and learn how our people-centric approach to digital transformation can help guide you along your journey.

Create your front office of the future

PwC services and integrated solutions powered by Salesforce

Fullforce Solutions:

Always On Workforce

Today’s multi-generational and digitally savvy staff can only thrive if they’re given the right tools for collaboration and communication. PwC’s Always on Workforce solution leverages Salesforce technology to improve employee satisfaction and productivity, helping take your teams to the next level.


PwC’s Salesforce Financial Services Cloud helps relationship managers and consumer bankers better understand their clients and their books of business. With this solution, financial services companies can receive alerts, analytics and crucial customer-specific insights.

Patient Digital Care

For years, healthcare providers have been looking for ways to continue helping their patients after they leave their office. With PwC’s innovative Patient Digital Care, healthcare professionals can deliver ongoing support and critical information throughout the treatment cycle.

Retail Clienting

For retailers looking to harness the power of the cloud, the PwC Retail Clienteling solution can help. Backed by Salesforce’s FullForce Solution, retailers can create consistent experiences for customers, deploy sales-boosting content and analyse valuable customer transaction information.

Commercial Excellence

PwC’s Sales and Marketing Excellence Solution is an end-to-end process solution from initial inquiry to order, all on a single platform. It provides a seamlessly integrated capability from sales through service that can help you improve speed and efficiency, turn insights into action, and increase customer loyalty.

Service Excellence

PwC's Service Excellence solution is designed to make it easier than ever for you to exceed customer service expectations. By leveraging our advanced technology tools that let you anticipate customer problems, project call center volume, and improve agent performance, you can quickly achieve higher revenues and lower costs - and build more loyal, happier customers.

SmartAgent for Healthcare

PwC’s SmartAgent uses Salesforce Service Cloud and Mulesoft to help health plan agents improve communication with members, automate processes for faster service and create self-service functions. This powerful technology can be a boon to you and your members.

Wealth Management 2.0

Wealth managers need all the customer insights they can get to provide spot-on advice to their clients. With PwC’s Wealth Management Solution, powered by Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, managers and financial institutions can develop closer client relationships, minimise silos that often exist across business lines, adjust to changing regulations and more.

Lightning Bolt Accelerators:

Employee Service Platform: On-Boarding and Self Service

Empower your workforce and foster engagement with robust self-service tools for your staff. This PwC solution, backed by Salesforce, gives your workforce access to a wide range tools, including payroll, benefits, request tracking and other do-it-yourself options.

Employee Service Platform: Pre-Boarding

Help your new hires hit the ground running with PwC’s Pre-Boarding solution. This technology allows recent hires to seamlessly go through the pre-boarding process, enabling them to finish all the tasks and forms they need to start on day one. HR managers can also monitor progress in real-time to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Employee Service Platform: Recruiting

Companies need to find top talent if they want to stay competitive. With PwC’s Salesforce-powered, artificial intelligence-enabled Recruiting Solution, HR teams can manage the recruitment process, including posting positions on job boards and social media, matching candidates to fit and sending out offers.

Supplier Relationship Management

Designed to improve relationships and collaboration between suppliers and buyers, this PwC solution, powered by Salesforce, improves transparency and efficiency. With built-in Einstein Analytics, this solution is mobile ready and enables better procurement and supplier engagement and reporting.

Supplier Marketing Community

This intuitive PwC solution, powered by Salesforce, takes advantage of Salesforce Communities, a user-friendly portal that allows marketing teams to share information in real time. The platform helps companies easily distribute campaign information to suppliers, buyers, and other teams from a centralised location.

"I enjoy doing things that haven’t been done before; creating solutions for tomorrow, that didn’t exist yesterday."

Ian Kahn Partner, Salesforce Practice Leader for Consumer Markets, PwC US

Case studies

PwC has worked with companies around the world on their Salesforce implementations. Here are a few examples of how we’ve helped.

Case Study: PwC Canada's move to Salesforce 

Region: Canada

Creating a movement through digital transformation. Salesforce is taking us to an exciting new level of managing relationships, encouraging real-time collaboration, driving sales and giving us a complete view of clients across the globe.


How companies are transforming the customer experience with Salesforce

Region: Hong Kong

Salesforce case studies: Retail & Consumer, Financial Services, Construction, Hospitality & Leisure, Technology


Looking beyond IT Integration

Region: United States

Helping a global media and telecom firm standardise and optimise business processes to get better sales and marketing results.


Reinventing client relationship management (CRM) using a digital deal management platform

Region: United States

Find better ways to capture, share, and monetise deal analytics.




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