Linguistic Services

Providing quality translation and linguistic services, on-time delivery and client confidentiality for all your regulatory requirements and more

As a company, you invest substantially in your communications, because they reflect your image and values. For your financial and regulated information, accuracy and timing are crucial. An erroneous translation represents a substantial risk, because it can undermine your reputation with your clients, stakeholders and investors, or have more serious consequences if it is misleading. Knowledgeable and professional translation can bring you quality you can trust.

With almost thirty years of existence and much more years of experience combined, PwC’s Linguistic Services have the required knowledge and capacity to answer your needs. We provide a complete range of specialized translation services and linguistic solutions for accounting and financial documents and other communication needs in English, French and other languages. We serve a wide range of clients in Canada and the US, from large public corporations to smaller businesses in the banking, investment management, and energy industries to name just a few.

Our services

We offer our clients translation and review services for the following types of documents:

  • Financial statements
  • Management discussion and analysis
  • Press releases relating to financial information
  • Risk managements reports
  • Internal control reports
  • MRFP of investment funds
  • Fund Facts for investment funds

Our process

Our process complies with Canadian standard GCSB 13110 on translation services and with the guidance published by the Quebec order of translators, terminologists and interpreters (OTTIAQ).

Our Team

The Linguistic Services translators all have a professional title of Certified translator, granted by OTTIAQ. As such, they must comply with the Quebec Professional Code and are submitted to a code of ethic and other professional regulations.

Each of them also has taken a basic training in accounting and/or the Canadian Securities Institute Course, and develop their knowledge of the accounting and financial matters through trainings offered each year by PwC. We consider this training and development as essential to maintain the quality of our services.

Contact us

Stéphanie Leclerc

Managing Director, Linguistic Services Leader

Tel: +1 514 205 5024

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