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Our commitment to young entrepreneurs and successors in family businesses in Canada.

Opening doors, unlocking potential

NextGen Connect offerings have been designed to support next-generation members around the globe as they acquire the knowledge, confidence and leadership skills they will need to tackle this challenge in the right way. We’re delighted to introduce you to our approach to guiding young entrepreneurs and successors through their individual journeys to success.

The fast-evolving and interactive PwC NextGen Connect program has not only connected tomorrow’s leaders successfully with their peers, but has also built important bridges with strategic partners as well as educational and mentoring programs.


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“Our community members have already seen a number of measurable wins as they work together on meaningful projects—and in fact, one of these collaborations has already turned into a lucrative acquisition. To me, this shows how relationships formed in NextGen Connect can lead to game-changing results.”

- Nadia King, GTA Private Company Services Leader



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The NextGen experience

Networking is an essential part of life. We connect with other people to share and exchange interests, pursue our career goals and build relationships. To help you do all this, you can become part of our NextGen community where you'll have the opportunity to take advantage of exclusive educational, networking and mentoring offerings, both locally and globally.  

Watch this short video to hear from our NextGen ambassadors as they explain the value you can unlock by becoming a member of this community. You'll also gain insight into one of the many important themes we discuss — embracing digital disruption. 

A closer look at the NextGen Connect program

How did the NextGen Connect program start?

PwC Canada has increasingly been seeing next-generation professionals more and more often—attending client meetings with mentors, learning from family members, and getting ready to assume leadership roles. We believe it’s our responsibility to help support, teach, and inspire them, because they represent the future of Canadian business.

PwC Canada held focus groups to determine how best to be of service to the next gen business community and learned that a large number would appreciate help building a network of peers who are negotiating the same challenges and opportunities as they are. Beyond that, young professionals are often seeking access to the resources and mentors that will help them become better leaders, both in terms of business acumen and personal development.

This feedback led to the creation of the NextGen Connect, a program based in the GTA that gives aspiring leaders a forum through which to share their goals, experiences, and aspirations with their peers and industry leaders. NextGen Connect is a natural extension of our overarching PwC NextGen initiative, a global effort to help individuals establish social and professional networks, enrich their learning, and gain key leadership experience.

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Who should participate in NextGen Connect?

When we talk about the next generation of business leaders within the NextGen Connect program, we’re often describing three different types of professionals. The first are successors—young people who will one day take over a privately-owned family company. The second are top talent working in private companies—rising stars, differentiating themselves from others with the unique skills they bring to the table.  Lastly, the third are entrepreneurs—those looking to strike out and build something on their own.

If you fit in any of these three categories, connect with us so we can keep you informed of upcoming NextGen Connect initiatives.

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What do members gain by being a member of this community?

The NextGen Connect program gives professionals a chance to come together to exchange ideas, experiences, and determine a new leadership style—one that learns from the generations that came before, but is distinctly their own. By learning and working together, they gain critical skills, and are encouraged to become astute leaders who both listen to others and engage in the kinds of conversations that will give way to better business decisions.

A tight-knit community also encourages new collaborations between organizations, as motivated individuals connect over the projects and initiatives they care about most. Our community members have already seen a number of measurable wins as they work together on meaningful projects.

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How can you become involved?

The NextGen Connect program is currently predominantly based in the GTA.  But good news--we’re expanding to support the growth and professional development of next generation professionals across Canada.  To keep informed of future events and initiatives, sign up to be the first to know of NextGen activity in your area.

On LinkedIn? Join our NextGen Connect group to network with your peers across the country.

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