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Accelerate digital transformation

The world is becoming more digital. How can your business get more out of it?

Advancing your business through digital and technology

Advancements in digital and technology are reshaping the way we all do business. Business leaders are looking to digital and technology to help drive innovation, improve decision making and customer experience and create new business models.

Our Private Company Services advisers help you accelerate the impact of technology in your business. Whether you’re looking to improve customer experience, grow, reduce costs or innovate, we help you find the digital strategy that’s right for you.

How PwC can help

Opportunities Workshop

A complimentary workshop focused on your long-term vision to identify and articulate important issues around digital transformation.

  • explore new opportunities, innovative ideas and generate solutions to identified challenges.
  • develop an initial strategy road map and a path forward to your digital transformation.

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Data Analytics

Make sense of your data and unlock its potential to reveal hidden value and opportunities:

  • get to data you can trust –and the insights—faster and easier
  • embed data and analytics into every part of your business
  • improve efficiency through process improvements and automation
  • identify potential cash recovery opportunities

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Pioneer Technology

Behind every product we deliver, we orchestrate hundreds of logical instruments and functions to compose a systematic masterpiece. From architecture to continuous delivery, we deliver solutions that are reliable and scalable. Services offered include:

  • Cyber and information security
  • Cloud transformation
  • New IT platform strategy and execution
  • Digital marketing and e-Commerce platforms
  • Sales and service enablement
  • Social, mobile and local platforms
  • Digital enterprise and system architecture

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Fuel Innovation

Bring ideas to life that don’t exist in the market today - something no one else in your market can offer that creates real value for your customers, partners and employees. From the top down, we can teach you how to become an innovation machine. We offer:

  • Immersion and acceleration labs
  • Emerging technology visioning and prototyping
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Opportunities matrix
  • Minimum viable product definition

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Sabrina Fitzgerald

Sabrina Fitzgerald

National Private Leader and National Capital Region Leader, PwC Canada

Tel: +1 613 898 2113

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