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Where’s the dial now?

A benchmark report examining the current state of women in the Canadian technology and innovation community

Co-authored by PwC Canada, #movethedial and MaRS, Where’s the Dial Now? generates awareness of the gender disparity within the Canadian technology and innovation ecosystem. With data sourced from 933 Canadian tech companies, the report provides direction on how education, government, community and business leaders can work together to bridge the gender gap.

“I would like to live in a world where we don’t talk about the gender of any founder, venture capitalist, CEO or board member. Where the best people get the best leadership, opportunities and funding, and we move along. Where everyone has the same opportunities to lead, no matter their gender.”

- Jodi Kovitz, Founder, #movethedial


Key findings



Founders of Canadian Tech Companies

Currently, only 5% of Canadian tech companies have a solo female founder. When companies with male and female co-founders are factored in, the percentage of tech companies with female founders increases only to 13%.



Women in Venture Capital Firms

Approximately 30% of Canadian venture capital firms have a female partner, and on average, 12% of partners are women.


In Canadian Tech Companies

On average, only 8% of directors on boards of Canadian tech companies are women. 73% of boards have no women at all.

“I’ve had female entrepreneurs tell me that they have had to change their stories to talk to male VCs, or that when they go to a pitch, they bring a guy with them to make them seem more credible...These are the walls we’re trying to break down.”

- Chris Dulny, Partner, PwC Canada

Where’s the dial now?

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