Making Care Mobile

Introducing the apps pharmacy

Tens of thousands of mobile health applications are already available and this number grows every day. Some of these solutions have real value that can save patients and provider’s time and money and can even improve health care outcomes.

But without standards in place, how can users trust the accuracy of these new tools? Digital health technology has enormous promise, but patients, providers and regulators need to work together to find a way to safely and effectively distribute medical health apps.

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The apps formulary

Organizations need to develop an apps formulary which would act as a guide to providers and patients in the selection and recommendation of apps for public use. The formulary, a list of reputable apps that have been approved for use by the medical executive committee, would also include policies on when and how to prescribe them.

How we can help

The apps pharmacy is a critical step in the virtualization of care. We’ve developed the apps formulary as a framework to help organizations create their own customized plan of action. Our team of experts help organizations develop short term and long term plans that help address issues now and prepare for those in the future.

A roadmap to the virtualization of care

Shifting perspectives on the virtualization of health care

The global opinion of health care is shifting. Doctors and patients all over the world not only believe the virtualization of health care is coming, but that it will improve the delivery of care when it does. For Canada’s health care sector to remain competitive as a leader in medical services, new delivery methods need to be explored and implemented.

Canadians are interested in virtual and mobile health practices that would improve the speed of delivery and access to their care

PwC's Health care Services practice team surveyed nearly 2,500 Canadians to give them the opportunity to share opinions and ideas on the future of health care in Canada. They told us they're interested in digital care practices that would improve the speed and access of their care. In addition, quality and privacy are crucial to them, and health care providers have to get that right. And equally important to Canadians is the modernization of the health care system to make it more convenient and accessible.

To help identify how emerging delivery channels can be developed to address what Canadians need and want, while reducing costs, download the report or the following chapters.

Making care mobile: Executive summary
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