Indigenous services

Delivering diverse services to Indigenous communities, organizations and businesses

There’s a growing desire from businesses, governments and communities to help create positive change for Indigenous Peoples of Canada. But creating that change is challenging, and much of the investment in Indigenous programs doesn’t achieve its intended outcomes.

We’re inspired by the opportunity to help create more impact from these good intentions—by changing how communities are engaged, so policies, programs and organizations realize their potential.

Our Indigenous services practice is dedicated to providing objective and expert advice to Indigenous communities, organizations and businesses.

How we can help

Real and lasting change happens when it’s created by Indigenous people, not for Indigenous people. That’s why Indigenous ownership, management and delivery are fundamental parts of our business. We help communities and organizations put in place the building blocks for a vibrant community. By developing an understanding of needs, we can help create the structures and capacity to turn plans into action:


Setting a vision based on values and needs, linking the vision with strategic and operational plans and involving the community and stakeholders


Helping to align the functions, roles and institutions of governance with values, priorities and traditions


Structuring and simplifying financial management, accounting systems and internal controls to match needs


Measuring performance and making improvements


Building a foundation for sustainable economic self-sufficiency; developing strategies and plans, improving business operations and getting the details right to grow business


Providing audit reports on financial statements for Indigenous organizations, authorities and business entities; performing risk management reviews to help you achieve your strategic goals

With over 20 years of experience working alongside Indigenous communities, organizations and businesses we look forward to continuing to support you turning your visions into reality.


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