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Video games

Turning pixels into profits

Gaming isn’t simply child’s play — it’s big business. Canada’s video game industry is a world leader. You’ve gained this status thanks to mix of specialists: storytellers, designers and engineers and a combination of homegrown and international developers who recognize Canada as a hub of technical and creative talent.

The other reason Canada’s video game market is strong is due to the ability of developers and publishers to create viable business models, effectively market their products, and leverage all the opportunities to grow a successful organization.

Despite great success, your industry faces numerous risks and challenges:

  • Financing long-term development cycles
  • Rising production costs
  • Incorrect royalty payments
  • Piracy and copyright infringement
  • Penetrating the overseas market
  • Trying to produce a “hit” game
  • Rapidly changing technology
  • Meeting product development schedules

How PwC can help

PwC works closely with you to understand and implement business opportunities that pay off. We collaborate with you to navigate from one business level to the next while fostering Canada’s leadership position in the industry.

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