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Digital in oil and gas

Facing a digital revolution

Price and regulatory instability have challenged the oil and gas industry to a bold rethinking of old business and operating models. Companies must find a way to do more with existing resources—make better margins, increase efficiencies, lower costs and de-risk operations and decision making as much as possible. Now more than ever, new technologies that enable real-time data collection, enhanced connectivity, increased automation and advanced analytics present the opportunity to do just that. The time for digital transformation in Canada’s energy sector is now.


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Here’s why you should join the revolution

Achieve operational excellence
Monitor assets, fine-tune processes, mobilize your workforce and improve safety performance.

Mitigate risk
Improve regulatory compliance, predictive maintenance, incident prevention and cyber security through digitization.

Discover cost savings
Automate processes, find new efficiencies and decrease waste.

Improve front-end performance
Streamline and enhance customer experience through cloud software and customer relationship management tools.


Trends in digital oil and gas

New tools allow companies to acquire, process and store data at a steadily increasing volume, often in real time and from remote areas previously inaccessible. Companies that harness the power of big data by using it faster and smarter can realize benefits across their entire value chain—from exploration to development and production.

Internet and sensor-enabled connectivity between physical objects allows for the exchange of data between systems, providing more information about an organization’s existing assets and supply chain. Energy companies, especially those involved with transportation, pipeline and storage, can use IIoT to make operations safer and more reliable.


Machines performing tasks intelligently through complex computer processing not only have huge cost savings potential but can also improve operations exponentially.

Practice makes perfect. And when working in potentially dangerous, remote facilities, prior experience in a virtually replicated environment can have a major impact on quality, safety and the cost of employee training and performance.


Improving asset management and reducing down-time 

From pipeline sensors to dynamic inventory management, technology is making midstream operations smarter and more efficient.


Realizing the benefits of digital in offshore production 

Digital technologies are adding value to upstream oil and gas operations by reducing costs, driving production efficiencies and improving decision-making time.


PwC drone powered solutions

PwC’s drone powered solutions group offers end-to-end solutions for oil and gas that combine drones, image analytics, and machine learning to power digital transformation across upstream, midstream and downstream.

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Let us help guide you through it

PwC’s Energy practice can help take you through the process of total digital transformation – from assessing your digital needs and adopting an innovation culture to finding opportunities for system interconnectivity and exploiting technological capabilities that drive performance.

Contact our Digital Energy team today to start your transformation.


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