Kolby Kyle

Kolby Kyle

Director, PwC Canada

Kolby is a Director in PwC’s Risk Assurance practice who specializes in helping his clients to manage their evolving risk exposures associated with contracts and third parties, more broadly. Having served clients across the Americas, Europe, and Middle East, he brings a global perspective to the topic that helps his clients to maximize the inherent value of their third parties, while protecting against the potential downside risk.

Throughout his tenure with PwC, Kolby has helped clients find the right balance of risk management and controls. His key areas of focus include:

  • Sourcing advisory lifecycle, including sourcing readiness assessments, sourcing strategy, RFP development and delivery, RFP evaluation, transition assistance, and vendor management
  • Third party risk management, including the design & build of pre-contract risk assessment and post-contract ongoing monitoring programs, technology enablement, and governance
  • Commercial assurance services focussed on contract compliance and contract lifecycle management
  • Supplier illumination services including identification of fourth / Nth path relationship mapping throughout the supply chain

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Tel: +1 416 687 9069


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