Kevin on creating a hybrid team in which people truly support each other

May 19, 2022

I strive to be a person of value, rather than a person of success. It’s an age-old adage from Albert Einstein that came up in a coaching conversation I had years ago, and it’s always resonated with me.

I don’t want to focus on success, which in itself, to me, is an individual concept. A person of success gets more out of life than they put in, but a person of value will always give more than they receive, and I think the world needs more of that. Now more than ever, we all need to contribute to a culture in which we make a difference and bring value to our clients and each other. This is especially relevant in Assurance because we go through such intense busy periods.

Kevin and his partner

It’s so important to foster belonging and genuine care for the entire team. We leave titles at the door and work together to build trust with each other and our clients. Each member of the team needs to know that someone will be there to help them if they need it, and vice versa. That kind of support can’t be mandated or demanded—it has to be cultivated through living our values of working together and caring each and every day.

It’s this culture that’s enabled our team to not only succeed but thrive through the pandemic and into our new hybrid working world. We do meet more often virtually to check in than we did before…there’s no working in a vacuum. But our meetings aren’t 100% work. We recognize that everyone’s priorities are different, and we always make time to check in with one another and share about what’s going on in our lives outside the workplace too.

We’ve also recently added an unofficial member to the team: my new puppy, Aria! She’s made many cameo appearances on our work calls, so much so that the team photoshopped me and Aria into the team picture at the holiday festival this year!

Kevin is a senior manager in Assurance, working with banking and capital markets clients. He also has a global role as the chair of the ESG in Banking and Capital Markets working group, focused on helping our clients navigate the evolving ESG landscape.