Mark on moving to Canada and channeling his inner Bob Dylan

November 30, 2022

I arrived in Toronto in early 2019 on secondment from PwC New Zealand. Global mobility opportunities with PwC allow you to move from one country to another, either permanently or for a secondment, with the backing of the PwC network to help you succeed.

While the thought of heading home crossed my mind when the pandemic was declared, I reflected on my original decision to come to Canada and decided to stay. I had waited for the right opportunity, in the right tech-enabled office, in the right market, and I didn’t want to throw in the towel so quickly.

Mark playing guitar

One of the big appeals of Toronto is its vibrant music scene—the number of artists who play live and small gigs. While that stalled during lockdowns and with the flexibility offered to me at PwC Canada, it was a perfect time to start a new hobby. Cue my first virtual guitar lessons.

It started with a simple goal: to play a Bob Dylan song. He’s a hero of mine, and his story has always been an inspiration to me. He rose from talented poet, singer and songwriter to being awarded countless Grammy’s, a prominent place in culture and society, and not to mention the Nobel Prize. His story has inspired me to keep going in many ways, especially with my guitar lessons.

In fact, one thing led to another, and I joined a band! Now we have a few big goals for 2023, including playing at more open mic nights and recording music together.

I’m proud of how far we’ve all come, not just with what we can deliver professionally, but also what we can accomplish at the same time personally.

Mark is a director in Risk Assurance at PwC Canada, leading projects to help our clients be more resilient to meet their business goals. He has been with PwC for 13 years in various locations around the world, including New Zealand, and Singapore, as well as small stints in Japan, Brazil, Chile and Australia for project work.