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The female millennial: A new era of talent
PwC survey dispels myths about women and work

Paying Taxes 2015
Our latest response to the Competition Commission's investigation

The World in 2050
Will the shift in global economic power continue?

18th Annual Global CEO Survey
A marketplace without boundaries?

Global Top 100 companies
Top 100 global companies ranked by market capitalisation

Doing Business and Investing in Ukraine
A complete guide for investors and companies wanting to do business in Ukraine


Tax & Legal Alerts

Periodic newsletter on recent changes and specific issues in Ukrainian tax legislation


The Cabinet of Ministers updated the list of countries (territories) which meet the criteria for a low-tax jurisdiction under TP control

Preparing for the disclosure of ultimate beneficiaries in September

Alexey Katasonov, Senior Manager in the legal group responsible for M&A legal support.

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18th CEO Survey: introduction

Paying Taxes 2015: Key findings

PwC Brand fiim

Happy Holidays from PwC

Dennis Nally interview on our progress in FY2014