Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption

Act today – safeguard tomorrow

Undisguised threat

Headline news and articles remind us daily that bribery and corruption put adverse financial and reputational impact on Organisations operating in local and global marketplace. Enforcement actions under the local legislation, international acts, including UK Bribery Act1, US Foreign corrupt practices act (FCPA)2, SAPIN II (France)3 and others are stepping up, and anti-corruption authorities are increasingly cooperating across borders.

You need to square the greater risk landscape with the unique environment of your Organisation — your footprint, your industry, your employees, your clients and business partners and develop a coherent anti-bribery and anti-corruption strategy and operations that balances risks, rewards and resources.

1. UK Bribery Act -
2. US Foreign corrupt practices act (FCPA) -
3. SAPIN II  -


How we can help

We help Organisations to adapt and implement proven good practices, standards and frameworks for tackling bribery and corruption in-line with their strategic priorities, goals and needs.



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Learn how our team can help you address challenges and issues driven by bribery and corruption.

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