Operational Excellence

Reducing costs and increasing productivity are our key objectives however, Operational Excellence is integrated into our companies culture as we strive to satisfy its our customers by delivering valuable products and services. It is not just about activities, it is about a mindset.

Nowadays every business deals with global digitalization, new technologies, rising customer expectations and a threat of new competitors. These are the key factors for changes that necessitate business transformation, high-speed and flexible solution offerings and, Operational Excellence.

Each change in the market reflects the readiness of a company to change its strategy and performance. The ability to adapt to changing market conditions, which is a tremendous challenge for each business, is an indicator of success in the future.

Operational Excellence is a good way to combine and match the necessary tools with the right processes. In case of successful matching, the ideal work culture is created which motivates employees and empowers them.

What do we specialize in?

Assistance in Continuous Improvement Programme implementation

Continuous Improvement Programme is a continuous effort to improve products, services and processes by making incremental improvements within a company. Its based on the belief that such incremental changes will combine into a major improvements over time. It focuses on both specific improvements and changing the culture of the company to focus on opportunities for improvement rather than problems.

The keys to a successful Programme implementation are its alignment with the company’s strategy and introduction of continuous productive improvement tools to ensure that the quality improvement process moves forward successfully.

PwC Ukraine assists in successful Continuous Improvement Programme roll-out based on:

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Six Sigma.

Carrying out Operational Excellence training and coaching

Change management training and coaching will help people embracing the changes rather than resist them. With appropriate training, communications, and reinforcement, that resistance can be mitigated so that the staff thrives in an environment built on regular change.

To make sure that changes, within operational excellence processes, flow naturally and are easily accepted by the company PwC Ukraine provides Operational Excellence training and coaching on:

  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Business process management.

Audits of Continuous Improvement Maturity level

A number of companies have attempted to start operational excellence processes, but have seen less than stellar results. The key to a successful operational excellence is that opportunities for growth should be highlighted and improvements made should be measured and evaluated.

Most projects go through different edits until the ideal one is completed. The same is true for any type of innovation or process improvement.

To evaluate the process improvement in the company PwC Ukraine provides Maturity audits of:

  • Continuous Improvement Programme implementation
  • Separate tools implementation and usage (5S, Kanban, SMED etc).

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