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Advisory services for justice sector

Bold, practical strategy that works

We support justice sector agencies with delivery of reforms 

We provide expert and consulting support to the justice sector agencies in strengthening their institutional capacity, enabling organisational transformation, fostering strategic development, implementing digital solutions (e.g. eCase Management System), development of an analytical function, enhancement of human resource management.

We help the justice sector agencies with development and implementation of practical and innovative solutions that make a difference in solving the strategic and operational challenges faced by them across a range of areas within the justice sector domain.

We have a wide network of both local and international subject-matter experts, practitioners in justice area.

Since 2015, our team has implemented more than 10 justice reform projects in Ukraine.

Advisory services for justice sector - PwC Ukraine: Forensic Services

What do we specialise in?

Strategic development planning

We support our Clients with:

  • Development of strategic goals and priorities;
  • Defining of key stakeholders crucial to consider in the course of strategic development planning;
  • Cascading of the strategic goals to all levels of an Organisation, covering both structural units and employees;
  • Design of a strategic development roadmap and project passports;
  • Outlining of a critical path for the roadmap delivery, including key milestones.

For this purpose, we use a variety of tools to support our work: surveys, strategic sessions with leadership, objective trees, maturity scoring models etc. 

Organisational and functional analysis

We support our Clients with:

  • Defining of the current environment of an Organisation – understanding of the current state (“as is” ), its challenges, opportunities for enhancement;
  • Defining of the future state model (“to be” ), covering strategic, organisational, governance, operational, automation, HR aspects and others;
  • Development of a transformation action plan, including a roadmap and projects passports;
  • Defining of a general transitional context, including key challenges, risks and success factors;
  • Assessing of institutional capacities and capabilities crucial for successful transformation.

Public Communication Advisory

We support our Clients with:

  • Development of a public communication strategy, including a projects’ roadmap;
  • Design of a brand book (including, slogan, logo, messages, etc.);
  • Design of a granulated public communication plan (daily, monthly);
  • Development of public communication channels (web-site, social media, etc.);
  • Design of a target organisational structure, key functions, roles and responsibilities of a public communication division;
  • Delivery of trainings and workshops for leadership and key staff on different public communication matters.


Human Resources Management

We support our Clients with:

  • Development of an HRM strategy, covering recruitment, learning and development, motivation, appraisal, administration, on-boarding and other HRM matters;
  • Design of a target organisational structure, key roles, functions and responsibilities of an HR division;
  • Capacity building of HR personnel through training sessions and workshops;
  • Development of an IT architecture of HRM systems, including functional requirements for automation of HRM processes;
  • Design and delivery of the selected HRM initiatives (e.g. development of a competence model, appraisal model, etc.).

Strategic IT consulting

We support our Clients with:

  • Development of an IT strategy, covering applications, infrastructure and network architectures, governance and organisational aspects;
  • Design and delivery of the selected IT initiatives;
  • Capacity building of an IT.

Information Security Consulting

We support our Clients with:

  • Development of an Information Security strategy, comprised of frameworks, tools and controls that are based on local regulatory requirements (pertaining to building Complex Information Protection System) and those outlined in the ISO/IEC 27000 series;
  • Design and delivery of the selected Information Security initiatives;
  • Development of necessary Information Security polices and procedures;
  • Design of enhancements to an organisational structure, key roles, functions and responsibilities of an Information Security division;
  • Capacity building of an Information Security personnel, leadership and key staff through delivery of trainings and workshops.

PMO set-up and running

We provide support to our Clients with set-up and running of a Project Management Office (PMO) for reforms implementation, including:

  • Design of an organisational structure, key roles, functions and responsibilities of PMO;
  • Defining of requirements towards skills, competencies and headcount of PMO employees;
  • Capacity building of PMO employees and other stakeholders on project management matters through delivery of trainings and workshops;
  • Development and implementation of key project management frameworks (Agile, PMBoK) and tools (e.g. plans, reporting dashboards, etc.);
  • Defining and building of communication and reporting mechanisms on project management matters.


Contact us

Andriy  Tretyak

Andriy Tretyak

CFE, CISA, Forensic Leader, PwC Ukraine

Tel: +380 44 354 04 04

Bogdana Tyshchenko

Bogdana Tyshchenko

Senior Manager, Forensic Services, PwC Ukraine

Tel: +380 44 354 04 04

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