Ethics and Compliance

Sustaining value through conformance and adherence

Strong corporate culture in the heart of business

Corporate culture is an integral part of any Organisation. Promoting and demonstrating proper behaviors and attitudes are crucial for ensuring Organisation’s attractiveness to its employees, clients and business-partners and for helping to protect it from potential reputational damage and regulatory sanctions. Regulatory risks are particularly high if there is non-compliance with anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and other laws and regulations, as well as violations of sanctions regimes.

Nowadays, Organisations need to meet a wide range of Ethics and Compliance requirements, both local and international. The challenges with managing compliance and ethics-related risks are getting even more magnified in case of changes to Organisations' business structures, geographic locations, updates to legal and regulatory frameworks or control over their enforcement.


How we can help

We help to enhance corporate culture in Organisations through support with design and implementation of strong and effective ethics and compliance practices. In a larger scale, we also help Organisations to build sufficient internal capacities and capabilities as well as deploy congruent frameworks and tools to ensure proper and timely articulation of existing and arising Ethics and Compliance matters.


Codes of Ethics & Conduct

Code of Ethics & Conduct helps to demonstrate Organisation’s awareness and shape its responsibility in front of employers, customers, business partners, communities and competitors. It facilitates the Organisation’s ability to make a difference on a market. Moreover, it helps to articulate the Organisation’s expectations to its employees much clearer and positively influences their behaviours. Code of Ethics & Conduct is an essential attribute of any Organisation that aims to secure its profitability, brands and reputation on the market.

Whistleblowing & Hotline

Implementation of whistleblowing & hotline practices provides Organisation’s personnel with an opportunity to be vocal with respect to any misconduct or any other matters of concern.

Deployment of whistleblowing & hotline instruments enables employees to be heard and get timely support on sensitive issues and in difficult situations. 

Compliance health-check

Compliance health-check serves as a baseline instrument to highlight blind spots and quickly identify areas for improvement in order to protect Organisation’s assets, reputation, brands, market stance, and relationships from adverse impact driven by compliance breaches. It serves as initial barometer to help top-management, shareholders and other stakeholders capture indications of potential failures to comply with laws and regulations, internal standards and policies, and expectations of key stakeholders such as clients, employees, business partners and society as a whole. 

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