Corporate Intelligence

Building reliable and longstanding relationships

What is your appetite to work with risky employees, clients, business partners?

In an increasingly regulated environment, you need to be proactive in protecting your brand and your reputation. Working with disreputable, poor qualified or discreditable counteragents can damage it. You need to be assured about the integrity of your employees, clients, business partners including their behaviours, consistency and validity of information they provide to you. Corporate Intelligence is about gathering and analysis of information to outline facts that help Organisations make considerate and informed management decisions. 


How we can help

We assist Organisations with getting clear and nuanced understanding of background, reputation, affiliation, integrity, solvency and many other aspects pertaining to their people, clients, business partners and other stakeholders that truly empowers management decisions and helps to build sustainable portfolios and reliable trustworthy relationships.


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Know Your Customer (KYC)

In case of poor client verification, Organisations may encounter significant reputational damage and potentially enormous fines. First of all it's under Organisation’s responsibility to ensure that its services, assets or resources are not being used for nefarious means such as identity theft, money laundering or financing of terrorism.

Know your customer (KYC) procedures are about identification and verification of identities of Organisation’s clients. KYC helps to bring clarity about client related risks from the outset. With information that KYC brings, Organisations are less likely to get involved in money laundering, terrorist financing or other Economic Crimes driven by its existing or prospective clients.

Integrity due diligence

The impact of interacting with “wrong” counteragents (including agents, distributors, key suppliers, M&A targets, prospective employees etc. ) can be enormous. Clear and nuanced understanding of integrity matters, including activities, background, reputation, connections and affiliations is crucial for proper management of embedded risks. By delivering integrity due diligence services we help Organisations gain clarity and confidence with respect to their counteragents and consequently support them in taking more considered strategic and operational decisions. 

We offer:

Integrity assessment of counteragents – helping to develop sustainable and trustworthy relationships with counteragents

Integrity due diligence of M&As targets – supporting strategic investment decisions, negotiations and takeovers

Executive security risk profiling – providing a holistic threat analysis of current and prospective senior executives

Related party and affiliation checks – helping to uncover conflicts of interest and independence issues between entities and individuals.

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