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Automation of forensic investigations 

The volumes of digital data in Organisations are ever growing. Its types and structures become more and more complex and dispersed. In such data ocean Organisations need to be capable to draw on all the information at their disposal without delay. Especially when it comes to misconduct, fraud and wrongdoings that may result in adverse impact on Organisations’ assets, reputation, brands and market stance.

This is where proper Forensic Technology Solutions and related expertise should be put in place to help Organisations observe and analyse events, clearly identify irregularities and timely delovep responses.


How we can help

We embrace and apply proven technology solutions to help Organisations enhance efficiency of forensic investigations and other related activities, as well as provide quick and deep analytical insights to empower management decisions and streamline response actions.



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eDiscovery is a process of searching, identification, preservation, collection, processing and review of electronically stored information. Such discovery may be necessary in course of civil litigations, regulatory enquiries, internal investigations or even in the context of a regulatory compliance disclosure. We use leading e-Discovery software combined with robust processes to provide Organisations with necessary speed and quality throughout the e-Discovery lifecycle. We also serve as trusted advisors to Organisations facing electronic discovery requests in connection with high-stakes litigation and investigations.

Data Analytics

We gather information from Organisations’ IT systems, genuinely append it with data from external sources, perform thorough multi-dimensional analysis through sophisticated algorithms and visualisation techniques order to identify potential fraud, corruption and conflicts of interest with respect to its clients, employees, business partners.

Electronic Device Imaging

We apply modern tools and approaches to securing and processing data from electronic devices that help to collect evidence that is admissible in courts.

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