Going public: which market?

Choosing the most appropriate market may not be a straightforward decision. Companies should consider the pros and cons of each market and how each could meet their overall needs.

The demand for public offerings can vary dramatically depending on overall market strength, public perception of IPOs, industry economic conditions, market prospects and many other factors. When a bull market is booming, the window for new corporate offerings tends to open, and these new offerings enjoy bursts of popularity. In a declining market, however, this window tends to close, and IPO activity slows. You must consider the importance of timing and be prepared to adjust your company’s timetable as necessary. The usual timetable, from the initial meeting of the team to the completion of the offering, ranges from several months to over a year. Active markets accept more offerings, and you want to avoid being the deal that is made one day too late.

There are several options, including:

  • The US market
  • The UK market
  • European markets
  • Asian markets (Hong Kong, Singapore)

PwC advisors are available to help you decide which market to choose.

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