Customs and International Trade

How customs and trade rules impact your business?

In today’s global economy, many companies find themselves performing import and export operations in a variety of legal and regulatory environments around the world. There are multiple ways that customs rules can impact your business:

  • Efficiency of customs operations impacts the cost of doing business;
  • Quick customs clearance is a key issue for both manufacturers and resellers;
  • Non-compliance with customs and trade rules may result in significant fines and penalties, and seizure of goods;
  • Customs practices may create new opportunities for business;
  • Customs authorities are continuously reinterpreting rules;
  • A new Customs Code will be applicable of 1 January 2012 and this will bring an assortment of opportunities and risks.


Our assistance

Our Customs and International Trade team consists of recognized professionals with a background in comprehensive legal, customs and tax experience.

Our team includes experts on different customs matters, including customs valuation, classification, procedures, appeals, litigation, etc.

PwC provided advise to the Ukrainian government during the drafting of the modernized Customs Code.

We have a broad experience in customs related activities including: developing customs legislation, understanding the relevant requirements, and negotiating with the customs authorities.

We are always ready to help you optimize your business and create the value you are looking for.


Customs Review

International trade operations are frequently subject to a high level of scrutiny.

The results of a customs audit may have the following effects:

  • Increased assessment of import duties and taxes;
  • Penalties for violations of customs rules;
  • Revocation of permits issued by the customs authorities;
  • Review of authorization for simplified procedures or special status.

The aim of our customs review may be:

  • Identify the main risks and mitigate/eliminate them;
  • Discover opportunities for improving operational efficiency.

We may also assist in the practical implementation of our recommendations.

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Customs Litigation and Disputes

While conducting routine cross-border activities, our clients often face the need to resolve disputes with customs and other state authorities.

Customs authorities may challenge a range of issues:

  • Classification, which drives a number of import variables — including admissibility, duties owed, and eligibility for special trade regimes;
  • Customs value, which impacts the amount of duties paid;
  • Applicability of customs procedures or tax privileges.

We may help our clients with dispute resolution through various means:

  • Analysis of the authorities’ requests, audit reports and notification-decisions, and their relevancy to the case;
  • Advise and assistance during negotiations and meetings with the authorities;
  • Drafting objections to audit reports, appeals and responses to the customs authorities of a higher level;
  • Litigation (representation in court).

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Customs and International Trade Compliance

Managing and understanding the compliance requirements of customs and other governmental authorities is a daunting mission for organizations of any size.

PwC’s experts may provide you with assistance in the following areas:

  • Customs advice/opinions on specific issues;
  • Conclusions on customs valuation, classification, procedures, and taxation;
  • Trade compliance (advice and obtaining of permits and licenses).

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Integrated Supply Chain Optimization

In today’s challenging economic times, supply chains have been redefined and companies must place greater attention on their improvement and optimization.

Business practices and operational costs may be significantly impacted by modern customs techniques such as:

  • Proper implementation of specific customs procedures like IPR or temporary admission;
  • Workflow optimization and customs broker management;
  • Enjoying benefits from duty-free warehousing or electronic declaration.

We have advised both governmental and private institutions in order to:

  • Identify cost saving opportunities by developing complex solutions for efficient import-export and logistics and restructuring of operations;
  • Improve customs operations efficiency by auditing and re-engineering business processes.

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Widening trade with the EU

Customs and taxes:

  • Identification of Association Agreement opportunities for your company's activities
  • Advice on customs and tax legislation in Ukraine and the EU
  • Structuring of foreign operations from a customs and tax perspective
  • Practical assistance for the implementation of new import-export operations, including:
    • drafting foreign trade contracts and documentation
    • receiving permits and certificates
    • negotiating with the customs authorities in occurrence of problem situations, and assistance during the appeal procedure.Proper implementation of specific customs procedures like IPR or temporary admission.

Regulatory aspects:

  • Consulting on:
    • protection and use of intellectual property rights
    • antitrust and corruption legislation
    • environmental standards
    • labour legislation
    • corporate law, including legal presence in overseas markets
  • Trade dispute resolution  
  • Support of public procurement.

Industry analysis:

  • Analysis of Association Agreement’s impact on different sectors of the market
  • Alignment of business strategy with market challenges
  • Corporate governance and organisational structure
  • Financial and operational risk management
  • Financial modelling of the company’s development.

Approved Exporter:

  • Assistance with receiving the Approved Exporter status
  • Consulting on manufacturing processes, fulfilment of origin criteria, documental confirmation of the country of origin
  • Providing support during customs audits

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