Upgrade from
to brain-work

Finance teams and leaders improve their performance and company results with our new service Alteryx SaaS by PwC, provided for PwC clients in the CEE Region.

  • Consolidate and analyse data the easy way

    Bring data sources together to run analysis without using a single spreadsheet

  • Speed up data processing and increase team productivity

    Improve the efficiency, transparency and accuracy of analysis across your business

  • Focus
    on insight

    Alteryx enables finance professionals to focus on their area of expertise and create actionable insights faster

What do finance professionals say,
and what does Alteryx SaaS by PwC offer?

Finance professionals: We spend too much time adjusting and manipulating spreadsheets

Alteryx SaaS by PwC: Significant reduction in effort on legacy manual data-driven processes

Finance professionals: Our employees find many of these manual, repetitive tasks boring

Alteryx SaaS by PwC: Shift from mundane process execution to innovation, automation and other value-added activities

Finance professionals: Senior employees spend a lot of time to perform tasks that are below their pay grade

Alteryx SaaS by PwC: Immediate results and ability to create ad-hoc reporting and analytics

Finance professionals: Our current process is too human-dependent, and thus we experience manual errors

Alteryx SaaS by PwC: Drives shorter cycle times and accurate processes

Finance professionals: We do not have an allocated budget to any significant transformation activities

Alteryx SaaS by PwC: Provides quick wins with a relatively low cost for your organisation

How Alteryx SaaS by PwC works

PwC: Maintenance and support
  • PwC
    Designing Alteryx workflow
  • PwC
    Granting access to workflows on PwC infrastructure
  • You and your team
    Accessing the workflows when needed, as much as needed
  • You and your team
    Uploading data and launching the workflows
  • You and your team
    Downloading processed outputs

Tailored to your needs

  • Full development
    of Alteryx workflows / analytical apps according to your needs

  • Hosting Alteryx workflows / analytical apps, allowing you to access and run them when needed

  • Maintenance, support and adjustments of the solutions, if required

Benefits of Alteryx

  • No investment in licenses and IT infrastructure

  • Fast implementation and benefits by experienced PwC Alteryx developers

  • No dependency on your in-house IT resources or infrastructure

  • Self-service solution – you access and use automation when you need it

PwC Central and Eastern Europe and Alteryx, the global leader in analytics automation technology, have created a partnership to put at your fingertips the data you need when you need it. You don't have to make significant investments and wait for months to start benefiting from this solution.

Alteryx SaaS by PwC is a powerful combination of technology and human-led services designed to help you get better results faster.

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Dagmar Haklová

Dagmar Haklová

Partner, CEE - Slovakia, Connected Tax Compliance, PwC Central and Eastern Europe

Tel: +421 911 425 109

Aušra Miltenytė

Aušra Miltenytė

Director, Alteryx Partnership, PwC Central and Eastern Europe

Tel: +370 620 71559

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