Effectiveness of the sales and marketing function

Our team offers clients a comprehensive range of consulting services related to sales, marketing and customer service. We have extensive experience gained in the Marketing Departments of large FMCG companies and in consulting projects. Areas where we can support you and your company include:

Building marketing and sales strategies and support in their implementation

Building of a market position, understood as a specific share in the segment, increase of revenues and of the value of the client portfolio, means much more today than just manufacturing and delivery of products or services to customers. Access to a wide offering makes customers more demanding not only in terms of quality and price, but also in terms of, for instance, shopping experience. It is often difficult to establish factors that enable creating a significant competitive advantage because of the lack of access to relevant models or the lack of an external perspective on the company’s activity and offering. 

The research of PwC conducted in many countries show that the most effective companies on the market are the ones that exactly know the revenues and costs generated by specific customer segments. The scope of the offering and service depends on the margin level for specific customers. Another key success factor on the market is understanding and ability to use the distribution channels that are most attractive for customers.


How can PwC help you?

Together with the client, we establish the target market position for the company. 

We provide competition analyses and case studies of the best practices of the Ukrainian and international markets that may provide inspiration for developing a strategy that fits the status and aspirations of your company. 

We conduct research and analyses to be used for establishing customer segmentation (B2B and B2C), the potential of specific segments and for building a value proposition based on actual expectations and insights. 

We support the implementation of the changes we propose, which results in the establishment of a strengthened and clearly differing company position. 

Our work include analyses of the margin level of specific customer segments (e.g. using an activity based costing based on our ABC RapisBenefits proprietary methodology) followed by recommendations for specific segments in terms of: products offered, organisation of before- and after-sales service (e.g. individual advisors for the company's most attractive customers, call centres), pricing policy and value proposition. 

We also provide advisory services in terms of streamlining distribution channels in view of various related aspects such as: own vs. partner sales networks or the development of modern distribution channels.

Streamlining processes that cover marketing, sales and customer relation building

In many cases, problems that companies face on the market result from the lack of coordination of sales and marketing operations, as well as from the lack of consistency in building customer relations. Very often, sales, marketing and customer relations are treated as separate functions in a company and the decisions concerning these functions are taken independently while their strategies are contained in separate documents. This leads inevitably to a lack of consistency in messages that reach the customer and in extreme situations — to the non-performance of sales targets and churn of some customers.


How can PwC help you?

We are working on a number of process streamlining projects and we have developed our own methodology for diagnosing process issues and designing the target status. We work with the client to include both the best practices in the sector and the specific requirements of your company. Our work outcomes include:

  • development of customer service standards and scenarios;
  • definition of the optimum course of marketing and sales processes, as well as principles of decision-making;
  • improvement of time to market;
  • design of a streamlined organisational structure for marketing and sales, adjusted to the specific requirements of the business;
  • establishment of the roles of specific individuals in the process, allocation of responsibilities and tasks.

Improvement of operating and cost effectiveness in the sales, marketing and customer service areas

Companies look for savings: that is why they are more prone to cut on marketing budgets. In addition to an immediate improvement of the operating result, such cuts usually entail long-term consequences such as a decrease in brand awareness ratios or even a loss of market share. 

PwC research shows that few companies have a system in place to monitor the operating effectiveness of marketing costs. Consequently, in many cases, decisions on the level of the marketing budget are strongly related to historical data and are not sufficiently adjusted to the existing product portfolio and prevailing market trends. 

According to PwC research findings form many countries, most successful companies are the ones that can adopt self-discipline in the planning and performance of sales (so called “pipeline management”). This enables them to reduce the number of failed offers and negotiations. These companies emphasise talent development, employee training and effective use of sales supporting tools (e.g. customer analysis based on information available in the CRM database).


How can PwC help you?

When working on the allocation of marketing expenditure of our clients, we use the results of an annual Communication and Media Outlook study that shows current global trends on the media market, sector benchmarks as well as tools for reviewing the actual media presence. 

We assist our clients in analysing the previous expenditure and suggest reorganisation of marketing spend. 

We advise clients in the area of streamlining activities, which leads to revenue growth or cost reduction, for instance, by offering new organisational solutions, changes to processes related to sales, marketing and customer service, as well as by making recommendations on sales management.

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