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Supply Chain and Procurement Transformation

Providing end-to-end supply chain planning and optimization expertise, tools and leading practices

Supply chain and procurement recently have changed
significantly – the value creation of the functions have increased significantly, while total costs of operations have been rapidly reduced.

Supply chain and procurement functions globally will continue to deal with the changing environment, including the expansion of digital technologies, and the pace of this change will quicken in the next three to five years.

Our dedicated team has rich experience in delivering supply chain and procurement transformation projects both for Ukrainian and international companies. We help our Clients with defining strategic development areas, transformation of operational models, enhancing operations to raise effectiveness of processes, reduce costs and eventually maximize the value of business.

What do we specialize in?

Supply chain strategy development

Companies are under constant pressure to develop more efficient, customer-centric supply chains while finding innovative ways to reduce costs and enable growth of business in long-term perspective.

By conducting thorough analysis of internal capabilities as well as external opportunities and threats, PwC professionals can help to develop an end-to-end supply chain strategy tailored to the company’s market needs, which will take into consideration the latest digital technologies and provide competitive advantage to your company.

When an innovative and cutting-edge supply chain strategy is in place, the company enjoys superiority in terms of a service level, costs and assets efficiency, and flexibility, ultimately leading to a stronger market position.

Supply chain and Procurement operating model design

Companies are struggling to ensure operations to be a pivotal asset, bringing together industry, functional and technology superiority to achieve the overall strategic, financial and operational goals.

Supply chain and procurement operating model enables efficient and effective operation of physical assets, human resources, technologies, information and data flows as well as enhances management processes and execution capabilities.

We help our Clients with assessment of the current supply chain and procurement operating model capabilities to identify bottlenecks in an organizational structure, processes and operations, as well as to define opportunities to achieve benefits of synergy and operational excellence leading to significant cost savings and growth of business in the future.

Demand planning transformation

In today’s volatile environment – with added complexities of emerging markets, fashion-conscious consumers, and shorter product lifecycles - continuously improving supply chain performance is increasingly difficult.

The opportunity to generate a more accurate demand signal to mitigate the stress on downstream planning processes is not to be overlooked. Robust demand planning that generates valuable input to sales and operations processes can help the entire company work together to close performance gaps and meet strategic, financial and operational goals.

We help our Clients to align planning across multiple supply chain functions and business stakeholders to meet market needs, profitably and efficiently, with available supply chain assets.

Sourcing strategies development

In today’s competitive business climate for most companies building long-term relationships with reliable suppliers is a critical step in improving supply chain performance.

Sourcing strategies help companies to identify and prioritize areas for optimization of such processes as sourcing strategic planning, price solutions development, suppliers selection, contracts negotiation.

We advise our Clients on sourcing strategies and respective implementation roadmaps development to elevate sourcing operations to the levels of leading companies. We understand the increasing complexity of the sourcing market and the speed at which this complexity changes, necessitating Clients’ needs for rapid transformation capability.

Purchase to Pay (P2P) optimization

Purchase to Pay (P2P) is a cross-functional process that links sourcing and purchasing with accounts payable that are usually managed by different business functions within a company. Such cross-functionality and significant number of stakeholders usually creates inefficiencies throughout the processes and prevents the business from efficiency in operations, cost savings and potential for growth in the future.

We help our Clients with current state assessment and future state design, evaluation of the current losses and potential future benefits, and development of an implementation roadmap of transformational projects to raise profitability and efficiency of your company as well as ensure compliance with policies and regulations within P2P processes.

Logistics optimization

Logistics processes play a crucial role in the whole supply chain and contain significant potential for raising effectiveness and efficiency of the operations throughout the business and therefore reducing costs.

Optimization of your company’s logistics processes helps to achieve the balance between delivering a responsive service to customers and ensuring cost savings.

We advise our Clients on the best ways to transform their logistics functions and networks that help your company to eliminate key inefficiencies in processes, streamline decision-making, and eventually improve company’s internal and external capabilities for receiving, storing, transporting, distributing, replenishing, and recovering physical goods.

Warehouse and Inventory management optimization

Inventory is the key for operations management, being at the same time a strategic and tactical lever and a significant working capital component. Non-effective and non-accurate warehouse and inventory management may lead to severe risks.

In order to optimize inventory and warehouse management processes we provide services on diagnostics of current state of processes, analyse Client's sales patterns, develop a target operating model and relevant roadmap to manage the transformation processes.

We help our Clients to meet the service level and product availability expectations of various customers and to ensure cost savings through advanced analytics, inventory visibility, efficient use of space, automation of processes and effective inventory policies across the extended supply chain.

33% of fraud in Ukrainian companies are related to procurement

Fraud prevention and investigation

According to the PwC Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2018 the procurement fraud is ranked top three among economic crimes in Ukraine. The losses from the procurement fraud schemes vary from 100,000 to 1 million dollars.

Our Forensic team helps companies with development and implementation of strategies and solutions for procurement fraud’s prevention, detection and investigation.

We assist our Clients with getting clear understanding of background, reputation, affiliation, integrity, solvency of business partners, as well as implementing controls to prevent employees from overriding procurement policies and procedures, and exploiting weaknesses in procurement processes.

Forensic Services

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Vasyl Karavan

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Iana Omelchuk

Manager, Forensic Services, PwC Ukraine

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