Oil & Gas

In an uncertain operating environment, PwC is working with our clients across the Oil & Gas value chain to find solutions to industry challenges

Oil and Gas operators are grappling with a growing list of challenges 

- an impending carbon price economy, ongoing skill shortages, safety and environmental concerns, growing taxation requirements and competition for funding. Despite this, however, major capital project spend remains at an all time high, with Oil & Gas mega-projects being established often with aggressive production targets and timelines. Operators are therefore not only being forced to meet industry challenges against the massive scale of these projects, but also need to ensure a balance of speed versus precision as they move from appraisal all the way through to completion.

How can you keep your eye on the detail and stay focused on project outcomes?

At PwC, we bring together a multi-disciplinary team that features local, national and international experience to help ensure your project is meeting key milestones, while containing costs and managing risk. We work across all areas of the business to:

  • materialise your investment objectives
  • provide certainty in your investment outcomes
  • manage operational, financial, regulatory and fiscal risks

Our service offerings focus on adding value through the lifecycle of your project, while reducing complexity along the way.


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