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Accelerate outcomes with connected tax compliance. 

Companies operating in Central and Eastern Europe must comply with a complex regulatory framework, which encompasses national and international (often EU) obligations. As the legal and regulatory landscape in the region and globally, is constantly evolving, it requires continuous adjustment of business processes.

To navigate the complexities of the rapidly changing tax environment (i.e. OECD Pillar Two), companies need to implement smart, integrated solutions.
At PwC, we offer connected tax compliance based on a holistic approach which brings together technology and experience of our team’s diverse expertise. Using an approach based on  automation, transparency and data-driven insights, we support the growth of businesses by simplifying complex tax and regulatory processes.

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Our recent CFO Compass Tax Survey showed that 59% of Polish Chief Financial Officers plan to take action to optimise tax processes. This is a field of growing interest for many companies across the CEE region because they need to manage tax risks and adjust to complex compliance obligations. Responding to this demand from our clients, we utilised an integrated, technology-based solution to support businesses with tax compliance and, at the same time, enhance data usage for strategic decision-making.

Jan Wacławek, Partner, CEE Tax, Legal & People Leader

Our connected tax compliance offers a bespoke solution for you.

Cooperating with us you will comply with your tax obligations and at the same time we will help you in:

  • Keeping pace with tax legislation and regulatory change

  • Managing people challenges, including attracting and retaining talent

  • Keeping pace with constant technology evolution and change

  • Managing ever-changing data requirements

  • Achieving the right leverage and efficiency model for compliance

  • Providing insights from tax processes that facilitates businesses to do more than merely compliance 

  • Managing tax costs and budget

From complexity to opportunity

Meet you where you are

Our connected team of solvers can help you develop tailored solutions that meet you where you are. Professionals from different backgrounds act as an extension of your team and take you where you want to be. PwC professionals, who you can reach through a single dedicated contact, will help you find the most efficient ways of using data and technology to save time, gain insights and drive value from compliance.

Our team brings together:

  • Business relationship manager who seamlessly coordinates a compliance team, leads a day-to-day connection across our network, ready to give you time back
  • Alliance partnerships that unlock even more from your tax data and accelerate tech improvements
  • Tax specialists with experience in every type of tax including Corporate Income Tax, Statutory Financial Statements, Transfer Pricing and more
  • International tax policy professionals aware of emerging tax topics, helping you to identify possible tax impacts of changing regulations and industry shifts
  • Professionally qualified accountants and certified tax advisors* specialised in various accounting and tax areas including Corporate Income Tax, Transfer Pricing and indirect taxes (VAT, Customs, Excise Tax), Statutory Financial Statements and other reporting requirements
  • Corporate secretarial services* which are a natural complement to compliance services that are delivered as part of Connected Tax Compliance
  • Tech specialists focused on aligning your technology to the scope and complexity of your business

An intuitive, data-driven experience

New and changing regulations are increasing the complexity and volume of tax compliance. Our human-led, tech-powered approach helps you make the process of compliance easier, less time-consuming and more insightful. Automated solutions eg. Taxolite can streamline data requests and extractions, requiring minimal impact from your team and using once-acquired data for multiple purposes. Your team can get a more connected, seamless, trusted reporting experience and focus on what matters most to grow and develop business.

Connection that creates value beyond the return

Tax can be a strategic driver which provides deep insights into business potential, discovering unseen opportunities for value creation beyond compliance. Our expertise and industry-leading technology, such as PwC's comprehensive tax platform, Sightline, are fundamental to our tax-first, holistic approach.

As part of the enhanced compliance experience, we’ll help identify:

  • Tax-efficient strategies that align with business objectives
  • Tax risks to consider to evaluate your tax controversy strategy
  • Tax readiness for potential deals
  • Possible tax impacts of changing regulations and industry shifts

Tax teams are under constant pressure to fulfil requirements faster, always be ready for changes and future-proof business by providing strategic insights and addressing risks. Monthly tax calculations, the correct qualification of expenses, collection of relevant documents and the preparation of declarations and tax information, together with their submission on time, require efficient coordination of the work of many people and/or departments of the company. How can we help? We can help transform your data for faster preparation, easier review and trusted reporting. Automation frees up time and resources for discovering growth opportunities and turning tax function into a value booster.

Mikolaj Wozniak, Partner, CEE Tax Reporting and Strategy Network Leader

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Jan Waclawek

Jan Waclawek

Partner, CEE Tax, Legal & People Leader, Connected Tax Compliance, PwC Central and Eastern Europe

Tel: +48 22 746 48 98

Mikołaj Woźniak

Mikołaj Woźniak

Partner, CEE - Poland, Connected Tax Compliance, PwC Central and Eastern Europe

Tel: +48 22 746 7449

Dagmar Haklová

Dagmar Haklová

Partner, CEE - Slovakia, Connected Tax Compliance, PwC Central and Eastern Europe

Tel: +421 911 425 109

Gergely Juhász

Gergely Juhász

Partner, CEE - Hungary, Pillar Two, PwC Central and Eastern Europe

Tomáš Urbášek

Tomáš Urbášek

Partner, Tax and Legal Services, PwC Czech Republic

Tel: +420 724 369 349

Matěj Čaňo

Matěj Čaňo

Partner, Tax & Legal Services, PwC Czech Republic

Tel: +420 602 624 166

Mirjeta  Emini

Mirjeta Emini

Director, PwC Albania

Mirjeta  Emini

Mirjeta Emini

Tax and Reporting Strategy Leader, PwC Kosovo

Egzon  Bejtullahu

Egzon Bejtullahu

Tax and Reporting Strategy Senior Manager, PwC Kosovo

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