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Valuation Services

To get an understanding of the value of an asset or business and what is really driving that value, you need experienced and dedicated valuation specialists and industry experts.

As the leading global valuation practice with 1,700 industry aligned, dedicated valuation professionals in 50 countries you’ll have the right people to support you.

A good valuation is based on a deep-seated understanding of the strong points of the entity being evaluated, the factors affecting its value, and also the prospects for its market environment.

When you work with us you will understand what your business, shares or assets are worth in the context of your transactions, strategic decision making, financial reporting, dispute, tax planning or group restructure.

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What do we specialize in?

Business and equity valuations

By bringing together professionals with extensive valuation, technical accounting, corporate finance, strategy and deep industry experience, we can offer you an integrated approach to help you measure, analyse and report on a broad range of business valuation issues.

Business and equity valuations lie at the heart of any critical business decision. When you’re considering strategic options for your business, valuation team by using sophisticated models and analytical skills can help you make better and more informed decisions, reduce risk and maximize opportunities.

Our team and throughout the global network of PwC firms are able to provide knowledge of the latest valuation techniques combined with comprehensive valuation reports capable of being submitted to the relevant authorities.

Valuation of tangible assets (PP&E)

Property, Plant and Equipment (PP&E) form the core of many companies’ balance sheets. An informed and thorough valuation of this critical asset group can transform the way you view and manage your business and help improve financial reporting and tax planning.

PwC’s PP&E valuation specialists can help you with a range of valuation and tangible asset management issues for both Real Property (land, buildings, leases) and Personal Property (machinery, equipment, software, furniture & fixtures, etc.).

Valuation of intangible assets (goodwill, brand recognition, intellectual property)

Intangible assets could comprise more than 70% of companies’ value or may be even the only thing of significant value in the business.

You can create a competitive edge by taking proper care of your intangibles, from legally protected intellectual property like patents and trademarks to value drivers like human capital, synergy benefits and economies of scale.

It is worthwhile to consider ways of improving your income or reducing your costs through improved utilisation of your intangibles.

Valuation of intangible assets is a subjective area and in the most cases will be challenged, consequently, the experience and credibility of the appraiser is of paramount importance.

With our experts in intellectual property law and valuation, you'll be able to implement intangibles strategies involving a high degree of technical complexity even for the most complex cases.

Purchase price allocation

PwC’s combined valuation and accounting capabilities can help you better manage the challenges of executing a deal and complying with the new business combinations accounting standards, even for the most complex transactions.

Our professionals provide you with the valuation assistance and accounting guidance needed to determine your newly merged company’s opening balance sheet.

We understand regulatory risks, anticipate issues before they happen, help you understand the impact on earnings and provide you with real-time advice throughout the deal process.

As financial reporting moves to a fair value model, understanding financial accounting and reporting requirements is more important than ever. Integrated valuation and accounting advice will allow you to identify issues and understand alternatives so you can make better decisions.

Impairment testing

PwC offer a combination of accounting, valuation, financial reporting and industry know-how to assist with your company’s impairment testing challenges. We can help you analyze, consider strategies for improvement or develop approach to impairment testing required for goodwill and other indefinite-lived intangible assets.

Volatile financial markets and shifting economic conditions can impact the value of a company’s assets across the balance sheet. As a result, companies are often challenged in making the best decisions for measuring and reporting impairment charges. Improper decisions can adversely impact earnings or prompt unwanted scrutiny from regulators.

Impairment testing involves more than “determining a number to book.” Consider the strategic areas of financial reporting that intersect with annual testing required for goodwill and other assets. A more informed approach can strengthen your company’s financial position and help avoid unnecessary risks or surprises.

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Alexandre Utmelidze

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Viktoria Plakhotniuk

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