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IPO Watch Europe Survey. Q2 2012

A slew of IPOs worth well in excess of €8 billion were postponed or cancelled across the world’s stock exchanges last quarter, according to PwC’s capital markets experts.
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PayWell 2012 Ukraine. We invite you to participate in our salary survey!

PwC Ukraine is in the process of preparing a new annual labour market study called “PayWell 2012 Ukraine”.Our participants receive practical and reliable information on current practices and trends in the remuneration of Ukrainian personnel. We provide access to a database of salary statistics for more than 300 jobs.
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Mine. The growing disconnect. Review of global trends in the mining industry—2012

These reviews provide comprehensive analysis of the fi nancial performance and position of the global mining industry as represented by the Top 40 mining companies by market capitalisation. These 40 companies represent the vast majority of the industry’s activity and serve as an excellent proxy for the industry as a whole.


Threat of recession contains risk of further bank failures

The risk of another global recession and a renewed banking crisis is high according to a new survey of the dangers currently facing the world’s banking industry. The CSFI’s “Banana Skins” series provides periodic snapshots of the risk landscape in the financial services sector.
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European Power & Renewables Deals. Quarterly M&A outlook, Spring 2012

Dealmaking for European power and renewables targets was subdued in the first three months of 2012, reflecting eurozone uncertainties and a constrained financing environment. Total deal value was US$5.4bn, less than a third of the US$18.3bn recorded in the first quarter of 2011. 
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Forging Ahead - 2012 Outlook & 2011 Review

According to a new edition of PwC’s annual in-depth metals M&A review and forecast, Forging Ahead, the global metals deals industry is soaring back to success with near historic value highs of US$40.7bn in 2011, up 56% year on year (YOY). Experts say the industry is rebounding strongly from its post credit-crunch low and is now averaging more than 500 metals deals a year. In 2011 there were 533 total deals with an aggregated value of US$40.7bn, compared to 2010’s 547 deals amassing US$26.1bn.
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Outlook for the Global Sports Market to 2015

Despite the ongoing troubling economic climate, the sports industry has continued to thrive with many major sporting events proving to be more popular than ever. The outlook for the global sports market  provides revenue forecasts at a global and regional level over the five years to 2015.  The report also drills down with projections in four key segments:  gate revenues, sponsorship, media rights and merchandising. Over the next five years to 2015, global sports revenues will grow to US$145.3 billion at an annual compound growth rate of 3.7 per cent due to an improved economy, a rebound in TV advertising, the on-going migration of sports to pay TV and the resurgence of financial services and automobile companies to sponsorship.
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15th Annual Global CEO Survey-2012

Nearly half (48%) of the 1258 CEOs polled worldwide believe the global economy will decline even further in the next 12 months.  Just 15% said the global economy will improve during 2012. However, nearly three times as many CEOs are confident in their own companies’ growth prospects for the next 12 months than in the outlook for the global economy, suggesting CEOs believe they have learned how to manage through difficult and volatile economic times.  
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IPO Watch Europe 2Q 2011

Companies in the mining and oil and gas sectors have dominated the initial public offerings (IPO) market in Europe. Hostile market conditions have dented the price and number of flotations, but there was still a 48% increase in the value of IPOs in Europe in the second quarter this year compared to the same quarter of 2010.


Record results but it’s clear the game has changed for the mining industry

Revenues for the world’s 40 largest miners in 2010 leapt 32% to a record $435 billion, driven by surging commodity prices and a 5% increase in production output in 2010.


The talent race is back on

Managing talent has overtaken risk as top of the CEO agenda, according to analysis from PwC’s 14th annual CEO survey. Some 83% of the 1200 CEOs surveyed globally plan to change their firm’s talent management strategy over the next 12 months and for 31% these changes will be major.   


Banking in 2050

The combined domestic banking assets of the ‘E7’ emerging economies of China, India, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia and Turkey will exceed those in the ‘G7’ countries sooner than predicted before the financial crisis. China is now expected to overtake the US to become the biggest banking economy in the world in about 2023 – 20 years earlier than anticipated by the pre-crisis projections.   


Forging Аhead - 2010

PwC’s annual review of M&A activity in the metals sector reports that metals deal activity is bouncing back strongly and momentum will remain upward in the year ahead. Total metals sector M&A is moving up strongly – up 79% to US$27bn from US$15.1bn the year before. Download


Global Mining Deals-2010

According to PwC’s new Mining Deals report no other global industry sector has seen comparable volumes or growth rates that mining M&A activity saw in the decade ended 2010. In 2010, PwC tracked 2,693 global mining deals worth US$113 billion, bringing the decade total to more than 11,000 transactions and a value close to US$785 billion. Download


Power Deals -2010

Total deal value in the non-renewable electricity and gas sectors is up 19% year on year from US$98bn to US$116bn in 2010. Compared to the heady mountain of power deals transacted between 2005-2008, deal values remain low but conditions are in place for a return at least to the foothills of these peaks. Download


Doing business and investing in Ukraine

A complete guide for investors and companies wanting to do business in Ukraine. 2011 Edition


Rethinking government: doing things differently

The report sets out the views of CEOs, including a shared agenda with governments on issues such as health, wellbeing, education and climate change. And it highlights PwC’s views on how public sector organisations could do things differently to meet the needs of business and citizens. 54% of CEOs surveyed in the world believe that government and business partnership will be more effective at mitigating global risks like climate change and financial crisis. Download


Technology forecast 2010: Making sense of Big Data


Paying Taxes 2011

This is the fifth issue of “Paying Taxes” report by the World Bank Group, IFC (International Finance Corporation) and PwC produced as part of the World Bank – IFC’s “Doing Business” study. The report measures the ease of paying taxes across 183 economies. Download

Global mining companies predict gold rush in 2011

Despite the current strength in the price of gold, mining companies in Canada and globally are predicting high gold prices to continue throughout 2011, according to PwC’s 2010 Global Gold Price Survey Report.


IPO Watch Europe Survey, Q4 2010

European listings activity quadrupled in the last quarter of 2010 over the previous quarter, led by initial public offerings (IPOs) in London. European exchanges attracted just over €10bn of IPOs compared to €2.5bn in the previous quarter, but London claimed the lion’s share of initial fundraisings in Q4 with €3.6bn generated compared with €1.7bn in Q3 2010. London accounted for 49 of the 130 European listings in the last quarter. Download

14th Annual Global CEO Survey

In the worldwide poll of 1,201 CEOs, 48% said they were “very confident" of growth in the next 12 months.  That's a major shift from the 31% last year who were "very confident" last year and approaches the 50% reached in 2008 before the onslaught of the economic crisis. Download

Transport & Logistics 2030

The dynamic economic development of the emerging markets will fundamentally change world trade by 2030. The hubs of global flows of goods as well as trade routes will shift towards the so-called emerging markets within the next 20 years. At the same time, new logistics service providers will emerge and challenge the market shares of established companies. These are the headline findings from the 3rd report in PwC’s "Transportation & Logistics 2030" series, carried out in cooperation with the Supply Chain Management Institute (SMI) of the European Business School (EBS).Download

PwC reports FY2010 global revenues of US$26.6 billion

PwC reported aggregate gross revenues of US$26.6 billion for its worldwide network of member firms for the fiscal year ended 30 June 2010. In US dollars PwC's FY2010 aggregate network revenues rose by 1.5 per cent from FY2009. Revenues for PwC firm’s flagship Assurance services held up well, given the economic conditions, at US$13.3 billion. PwC’s Assurance operations maintained their status as the largest assurance practice in the world.
PwC's Advisory businesses returned to healthy growth in FY2010 with revenues of US$6.2 billion, up 7.9 per cent over the previous 12 months.
Tax revenues were US$7.1 billion. Download

Forging Ahead: Global metals M&A analysis: Q2 2010

The merger and acquisition (M&A) deal activity in the global metals industry in the second quarter of 2010 shows further improvement, as measured by deal value, from the uptick seen in the first quarter of 2010. A notable trend in the metals sector during the second quarter of 2010 was the migration of M&A activity away from the small and middle segments of the market toward larger transactions. Download

Doing business and investing in Ukraine

A complete guide for investors and companies wanting to do business in Ukraine. 2010 Edition (revised August 2010).

Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2010-2014

During 2009 economic recession translated into steep declines in advertising and reduced consumer spending. Against that backdrop, it became clear that the speed with which consumers were transitioning to digital was accelerating beyond the industry’s expectations. This year’s Outlook focuses on the pervasive impact of the changing consumer behavior on all segments of the E&M industry as companies search for position in the digital value chain that is now taking shape. Our forecasts and analyses for this edition focus on 13 major entertainment and media (E&M) industry segments. To reflect the ever-changing nature of the industry, as well as ever-emerging digital revenue streams, we have again increased the depth of data for each of the 48 countries and areas covered in the Outlook.

Mine, Back to the Boom - 2010

The beginning of 2009 saw commodity prices continuing to fall globally, tough price negotiations with customers and challenging market conditions. However, companies responded swiftly and decisively: funding was restructured, mines were closed and production cut as margins declined. However, in contrast, the year ended with the market capitalisation of the Top 40 returning to the heights of 2007 and a cautious optimism returning to them.

Forging ahead: First-quarter 2010 global metals industry mergers and acquisitions analysis

Our analysis of first quarter data indicates that the volume and value of deals announced improved moderately from the quarterly lows of 2009. While deal totals have not yet fully recovered from the downturn, the environment is becoming more conducive to deal activity in the metals sector. In the report, you'll find noteworthy M&A trends in the industry; charts and graphs depicting deal activity; and a recap of large and regional deal activity. We also included a special report that takes a closer look at the importance of performing better M&A due diligence in a recovering economy. Download

Power Deals 2009

The power deal spotlight in 2009 continued to shift away from the very large deals of earlier years. The overall market for power deal activity remained relatively buoyant, with the number of electricity and gas deals only 10% down in the main non-renewables power deal sector despite the more constrained financial and uncertain economic climate.

Transform spring 2010

Transform is the bi-annual magazine of PwC in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). It covers the latest business trends in 25 markets across the region, from the Czech Republic to Kazakhstan. Each issue of the magazine goes out to 10,000 business leaders, financiers, politicians and opinion formers in CEE.

Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe

The seventh annual report is based on surveys and interviews with well over 600 of the industry’s leading authorities, including investors, developers, financiers, and property managers. Overwhelmingly, respondents cite the need to move forward cautiously, as Europe’s economy remains fragile due to high unemployment and low consumer spending.

13th Annual Global CEO Survey

With their worst fears of prolonged recession behind them, CEOs' confidence for future growth has bounced back from the gloomy prospects of a year ago, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers 13th Annual Global CEO Survey. Nearly 40% of CEOs plan to increase workforce in 2010 81% of CEOs are confident of their prospects for the next 12 months. The survey results were released at the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos.

Banking Banana Skins 2010

Political interference is now the greatest risk facing the global banking industry. according to the latest ‘Banking Banana Skins’ survey conducted by the CSFI in association with PricewaterhouseCoopers. “Banana Skins” series provides periodic snapshots of the risk landscape in the financial services sector.