Training on IFRS, US GAAP, statutory accounting and taxes

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This is the 7th year that leading IFRS experts in PwC have prepared training for our clients. Over 1000 clients have already attended our IFRS training. This is the reason why we have prepared for you set of trainings focused on IFRS, statutory accounting and tax also this year. New in 2015 is US GAAP training, which will be delivered by PwC manager Kevin Gary in English language. If you have suggestion for a topic that is not covered below, please let us know.

Advantages of study with The Academy

  • Experienced tutors - members of professional organisations with more than 20 years of experience in providing consulting services and training for our clients and students.
  • Comprehensive administrative support and provision of liaison between students and tutors during the training programme.
  • Competitive prices and training facilities in the centre of Bratislava.
  • For completion of The Academy training, you can get CPD points.

2015 Training schedule

28 January 2015

Changes in accounting and financial statement 2014, changes in corporate income tax effective 1 January 2015
Tutors: Peter Mrnka, Rastislava Krajčovičová

18 February 2015
IFRS 9: Hedge accounting according to the new standard
Tutors: Juraj Tučný, Martin Gallovič

18 March 2015

US GAAP: New model of revenue recognition
Tutor: Kevin Garry
Language: English

15 April 2015

IFRS 9: Model of provisions for expected loss on loans and receivables
Tutors: Juraj Tučný, Martin Gallovič

June 2015
IFRS 11: Joint Arrangements and IAS 23: Selected issues in capitalisation of interest according to IAS 23
Tutors: Juraj Tučný

23 September 2015

Selected issues in accounting and valuation of liabilities according to IFRS; proper application of IAS 21 to exchange rate differences
Tutors: Juraj Tučný, Martin Gallovič

20 October 2015

Financial statement 2015 according to IFRS: Changes in standards and tips for what to be aware of during the preparation

Tutors: Juraj Tučný, Martin Gallovič

11 November 2015
New model of accounting for leases according to IFRS
Tutors: Juraj Tučný, Martin Gallovič

8 December 2015

IAS 32: Classification of financial instruments as equity versus liabilities, including the news from the IFRS Interpretations Committee
Tutors: Juraj Tučný, Martin Gallovič

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