Training on IFRS, statutory accounting and taxes

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This is the 9th year that leading IFRS experts in PwC have been delivering training for our clients. Over 1000 clients have already attended our IFRS open seminars. This is the reason why we have prepared topics focused on IFRS, statutory accounting and tax also this year.

Advantages of studying with The Academy 

  • Experienced tutors who are members of professional organisations with more than 20 years of experience in providing consulting services and training.
  • Comprehensive administrative support, networking and dedicated support of the tutor during the seminar.
  • Competitive prices and training facilities in the centre of Bratislava.
  • Study materials developed by PwC experts.
  • Members of professional bodies can gain the continuous development points for their attendance. 

The Academy tutors

Our team of managers with experience in preparing and auditing IFRS financial statements, and in IFRS training, is led by Juraj Tučný, Partner at PwC. Juraj has been a member of the group of experts within the PwC global network specialising in providing IFRS advice for many years. Juraj spent several years working in PwC London and PwC Moscow in accounting advisory and IFRS consulting services.

Martin Gallovič, Director of audit department at PwC, takes an important part in preparing the training.  His specialization is providing accounting advisory – the first application and the conversion to IFRS, application of new standards in IFRS, the support in complex transactions and restructuring.

The Academy open seminars in 2016

7 February 2017

Changes in accounting and financial statement 2016, changes in corporate income tax and value added tax effective 1 January 2017.

Tutors: M. Gallovič, D. Vojtková, R. Forgáč

20 March 2017


Tutors: M. Čeliňák, Rob Sawyer

25 May 2017

IFRS 15 Revenues from contracts with customers including practical examples

Tutors: J. Tučný, M. Gallovič

20 June 2017

Testing characteristics of financial instruments for the purposes of the classificatio at amortized cost (SPPI test) according to IFRS 9

Tutors:  J. Tučný, M. Gallovič

19 September 2017

Modelling of loan loss provisions in accordance with IFRS 9 in practice

Tutors: U. Kováč, M. Gallovič

19 October 2017

IFRS financial statements for the year end 2017 - changes, updates in IFRS standards and frequent issues.

Tutors: J. Tučný, A. Sviteková

28 November 2017

IFRS financial statements for the year end 2017 - changes, updates in IFRS standards and frequent issues.

Tutors: J. Tučný, A. Sviteková

14 December 2017

The new IFRS leasing standard - IFRS 16

Tutors: J. Tučný, A. Sviteková

* This training will cover more than one topic. All seminars include both theory and illustrative examples or exercises.

Trainings lasts from 9:30 am till 12:30 pm. Price is EUR 165 excl. VAT.