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View this page in: Français Fairness opinion: What seems fair sometimes isn’t
These days, few deals of any size in Canada are completed without a fairness opinion. But fairness opinions from advisors with a conflict of interest can prove troublesome and invite criticism.

M&A in Brazil – the Real Deal?
The following article, written by PwC partner Kristian Knibutat, discusses several aspects of Brazil's economy and what is making it so successful for deals.

India: New Frontier for Deals
The following article, written by PwC partner Kristian Knibutat, discusses several aspects of India’s economy and what makes it so attractive for the future of deals.

Securities Litigation: Calculating Damages
Former PwC partner Robert Martin discusses the two main elements to consider when calculating damages resulting from misrepresentations in the secondary market under the Ontario Securities Act.

Deal Success in a Buyer’s Market
PwC partner Kristian Knibutat examines how the M&A landscape has changed since the financial crisis ended and what it now takes to close a deal.

Fairness Opinions Provide Solid Support for Business Decisions
PwC partner Helen Mallovy Hicks discusses the value of fairness opinions, when they’re relevant, what to expect, and the independence issues that organizations and their boards need to consider.

Staying a Step Ahead in a Downturn
This article discusses some of the key approaches organizations can take with regard to finance, operations and strategy in order to navigate through a downturn successfully.

The Shape of the Downturn and Its Effect on M&A: Following the curve
Russell Goodman, a PwC partner, discusses the possible length of the economic downturn and the effect it will have on corporate mergers and acquisitions.

The Changing Face of Fairness Opinions
PwC partner Helen Mallovy Hicks discusses the recent OSC decision on fairness opinions, its relevance to companies, and the use of business valuation professionals when seeking a fairness opinion.

Effective Planning and Case Management for Electroic Discovery
The following article, written by PricewaterhouseCoopers’ national e-discovery practice leader Peter Vakof, discusses two significant tactics you can take to reduce the risk of noncompliance during an electronic discovery (e-discovery).

Navigating Complex Litigation Issues
In business disputes, getting help early from a financial professional may increase your chances of a settlement or gaining the upper hand at trial, according to this article by former PwC partner Robert Martin.