Corporate Advisory & Restructuring

Rebuilding value, regaining control, resolving crises

There are many reasons why a business may find itself facing financial difficulties and needing to rapidly improve performance. Contributing factors can trigger a host of underperformance issues including declining earnings, liquidity and cash flow concerns, and stakeholder pressure. Left unchecked, the results can be serious and, sometimes, irreversible.

Companies often exhibit symptoms of decline well before a crisis erupts. In many cases, a downward financial spiral is not inevitable. In fact, it can be arrested and reversed. Early detection and swift, decisive action are key to restoring and improving performance and value. That's why our trusted business advisors work in partnership with diverse stakeholders including corporate management, financial institutions, bondholders, shareholders, governments, regulatory bodies and employees to identify financial and operational countermeasures and implement focused and realistic strategies. Our services include:

Business Regeneration

Our professional teams help underperforming businesses plan and implement recovery strategies quickly and efficiently across all areas of an organization.

This may involve moving forward on several fronts:

  • Intervention, stabilization and stakeholder communication
  • Generating quick wins and reducing working capital requirements
  • Designing and implementing rapid performance improvement and value recovery plans

Corporate Simplification

When an existing corporate structure no longer meets your business objectives, we will work with you to identify surplus entities, release capital, reduce operating costs, and achieve a leaner, more transparent corporate structure. Our tailored approach addresses critical issues, reduces risk, and helps create a smooth transition to a streamlined operating model.

Optimized Exit Services

When external and/or internal pressures dictate withdrawal from a country, industry, company, market or brand, PwC can assist in optimizing value by helping you design and execute a controlled exit plan (sell, fix and sell, wind-down). Our proven methodology optimizes shareholder returns, mitigates delays and obstacles, and diminishes disposal/divestment costs — irrespective of the number, location and complexity of facilities affected.

Distressed Corporate Finance

Our team of professionals brings highly specialized skills to assist in quickly generating liquidity through sourcing additional or replacement financing and, where appropriate, maximizing proceeds from the disposal of non-core assets or business units.


For companies facing financial underperformance or lenders and other stakeholders involved with them, we deliver restructuring solutions designed to build a platform for swift recovery and sustained future success. We thoroughly assess all revitalization options, develop a plan of action in partnership with management, creditors, and other stakeholders, and mobilize the resources required for effective implementation.

Our business restructuring professionals have full access to PwC's industry expertise and local knowledge in planning complex, cross-border restructurings. Whether through formal or informal proceedings, our goal is to rebuild trust between the business and its financial stakeholders, and develop a detailed, targeted action plan for business improvement, simplification or divestment.

Corporate Insolvency

When a business is facing severe financial distress, we can often orchestrate a turnaround if action is taken early enough. When turnaround is not possible, we can help clarify available options, decrease loss exposure, and increase returns in an insolvency. Depending on the situation, we may assist financial lenders, suppliers, corporate directors, senior management or other stakeholders.

Debt solutions for your company

Managing debt can be complicated and demanding, particularly in today’s challenging market. Having the right type of debt financing in place to realize your organization’s strategy is critical.

Your company needs to review alternatives, whether it is refinancing, making an acquisition, implementing a capital-intensive strategic project or experiencing a period of instability. Whatever your financing objectives, an experienced debt advisory professional can help you put together a solution that is customized to your company’s situation.


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