Emerging Company Services

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    Being an entrepreneur is an exciting, challenging and often all consuming. Each new day brings a new challenge — a challenge that you may not have faced before, or an obstacle that larger, established companies don't encounter.

    PwC's Emerging Companies Services program (ECS) is designed for growing companies who have great vision and passion, and are bringing their vision to reality. Our team is ready to help guide and nurture your emerging company from start-up through maturity with the advice and services needed for your industry and the development phase you are in. Some of the areas we can help guide you with in include:

    Funding — Raising capital/VCs, angels, maximizing government incentives, audit/tax reporting regulatory reporting

    Revenue Growth — Nurturing quality customers, strategic partnerships, competitive risk, customer satisfaction, generating positive cash flow

    Strategy/Innovation — Developing business plans, building out infrastructure, internal and external efficiencies, identifying new strategies, innovation

    People — Attracting talent, HR management

    Time is money, so contact us today. Let us know how you'd like us to communicate with you and what you'd like to hear more about from us.


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