Project finance / Public to Private Partnerships

PwC has been involved in the largest infrastructure financings in Europe, which given the state of the credit markets created some challenges! The firm still retains a strong public sector franchise and the mega deals it was involved with were on the public side, but in addition it advised on a range of private sector deals. The three big road deals the firm was involved with were M25 in the UK, the A2 in Poland and the R1 in Slovakia. All were billion-plus Euro transactions.

*according to The Thomson Reuters Project Finance International Awards 2009

It's our job to understand, advise on and solve the complexities involved in transactions, financing and policy at the interface between the public and private sectors. Whether it's raising funding for infrastructure projects or procuring private sector partners for our public sector clients, we deliver solutions that fund new roads, upgrade housing, build schools, modernise hospitals, improve rail services, and regenerate communities. With an extensive track record spanning more than a decade of providing authoritative, innovative advice on a wide range of transactions worldwide, our global experience and local knowledge enable us to deliver the integrated strategies and services our clients require.

Public sector clients engage us
  • To accelerate the delivery of public & private sector and infrastructure services
  • To advise on the strategy for involving the private sector in delivering public services
  • To fund additional necessary infrastructure investment, bearing in mind the need to control public sector borrowing and Maastricht criteria
  • To transfer appropriate risk to the private sector and to improve innovation and economic efficiency
  • To achieve competitive value for money procurements
Private sector clients engage us
  • For our knowledge of the public sector and its procurement processes
  • To bring together project partners and structure consortia
  • To arrange competitive financing and financing structures
  • To manage tax and accounting aspects of procurements

How we can support you

  • A highly experienced team with specialist industry knowledge provides independent and objective financial and transaction advice
  • Our experience and skill in managing competitive tender processes deliver value for money
  • Leading-edge knowledge of debt and equity markets and structures enables us to develop innovative financing structures that deliver robust and efficient project solutions
  • Providing the necessary resources to complete complex transactions

PwC services by PPP projects

  • Transaction advice to the public sector on PPPs and PFI
  • Scoping and developing the project and the implementation of the procurement process
  • Structuring the deal and arranging finance for the private sector
  • Negotiating through to financial close
  • Assisting partnership management post contract award
  • Post-transaction services
  • Project Finance - long-term funding for infrastructure development
  • Public sector policy and strategy advice
  • Corporate financing services and debt advice
  • Regional development and grants advice
  • Outsourcing advice

We are proud to have been recognized*

  • Adviser of the Year in Europe
  • PPP Deal of the Year in Europe - M25
  • Infrastructure Deal of the Year in Europe - R1

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Pavol Pravda

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