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PwC Slovakia is a partner of the Europrivacy ™/® certification scheme

How can a company increase the trust and confidence of its customers and all stakeholders and demonstrate a high level of personal data protection?
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Article 42 permits certification via an approved certification scheme. Official certification in accordance with the rules set out in GDPR Art. 42 provides a new possibility for data controllers to reduce their risks and to demonstrate the importance they place in compliance and on their partners’ personal data.

GDPR certification

It is important to consider what are the requirements of the “official” GDPR certification in accordance with GDPR Articles 42 and 43 

What can be certified?

An individual (e.g. a data protection officer)?
 the EDPB in Regulation No. 1/2018 clarifies that certification in accordance with GDPR Articles 42 and 43 does not apply to individuals

A company as a whole?
company and management systems as a whole are not eligible to GDPR certification

A Data processing?
you can certify as many data processing activities as you wish

How can a data controller/processor obtain GDPR certification?

An applicant for certification must meet the conditions of an approved certification scheme under Art. 42 of the GDPR. Europrivacy is the first certification scheme to be under review by the European Data Protection Board to become official European GDPR certification scheme.

Certificates are issued by an independent certification body, accredited by a supervisory authority or the national accreditation body of an EU Member State.

An accredited certification body issues a certificate on the basis of criteria approved by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) for a maximum of 3 years.

GDPR certification process:

As a consultant, PwC Slovakia prepares applicants for certification in accordance with the requirements of the Europrivacy certification scheme, and has experts trained in all Europrivacy requirements:

  • we will examine and review the GDPR compliance of your data processing with the requirements and criteria of the certification scheme;
  • we will review your existing personal data protection measures;
  • we will identify specific areas for improvement so that the requirements of the certification scheme are precisely met;
  • we will assist you with the implementation of the precise requirements of the certification scheme, which are not met;
  • As a result, your certification process with the accredited certification body will be problem-free and smooth.

Information on Europrivacy, the certification scheme for GDPR compliance

The Europrivacy certification scheme has been developed through Horizon 2020, the European research programme co-financed by the European Commission and Switzerland. It is the first certification scheme submitted by a national regulator to the EDPB (as part of the EU approval process) as a European certification scheme under Article 42 of the GDPR.

What are the benefits of GDPR certification?

  • builds trust – not only with data subjects, but also with partners and stakeholders;
  • increases the data controller’s reputation on the market;
  • identifies and mitigates legal and financial risks – thanks to a systematic analysis of deficiencies;
  • facilitates and reduces the risks with data transfers;
  • turns compliance costs into a source of value and revenues; and
  • creates a competitive advantage.

For more information on how GDPR certification can help your organization and how we can assist you in preparing for obtaining a GDPR certification, please contact our team.

Europrivacy is an international trademark registered in several jurisdictions.

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