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IAS 19 is an International Accounting Standard issued by IASB outlining the requirements for accounting & reporting employee benefits. We help companies calculate IAS 19 liabilities and expenses by performing actuarial valuations, collecting data and using actuarial techniques.

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IAS 19 is a standard issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) that outlines the requirements for accounting and reporting of employee benefits. IAS 19 requires companies to recognize the cost of providing employee benefits, such as pensions, post-employment healthcare, and other long-term employee benefits in their financial statements. The standard requires companies to use actuarial methods to calculate the cost of these benefits (actuarial valuation). We help companies calculate their IAS 19 liabilities and expenses by performing an actuarial valuation. This typically involves the following steps:

  • Reviewing the company's employee benefit plans and determining the key assumptions to be used in the actuarial valuation, such as discount rates, mortality rates, and salary growth rates.
  • Collecting data on the company's employees, such as age, service, compensation, and benefit entitlements.
  • Using actuarial techniques to calculate the present value of expected future benefit payments to employees, taking into account key assumptions.
  • Determining the impact of plan amendments, curtailments, or settlements that may have occurred during the period.
  • Preparing a report summarizing the results of the actuarial valuation, including IAS 19 liabilities and expenses to be recognized in the company's financial statements.

By providing these services, we help companies comply with the requirements of IAS 19 and ensure that their financial statements accurately reflect the cost of providing employee benefits.

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