Actuarial audits

Actuarial audit is a review of financial and statistical data performed by actuaries to assess the accuracy of an organization's financial statements and related information, with a focus on risk management and future financial obligations.

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IFRS and local actuarial audits

Our team of experienced and qualified actuarial auditors provide our clients with the highest quality service and advice. Our team is highly experienced in IFRS and local standards, and provides our clients with high quality audits. We also help our clients understand the implications of changes to actuarial standards and regulations, and provide assistance with compliance and disclosure requirements for IFRS and local actuarial audits.

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Due diligence

Due diligence is a verification of the accuracy of financial information and an assessment of an entity’s financial position. It involves reviewing financial statements, assessing the accuracy of financial information, and obtaining any additional information needed. Our team assists clients with due diligence by providing a comprehensive analysis of risk and financial data. This analysis helps identify potential risks and opportunities and provides guidance on managing and mitigating risk. We also provide insights into the financial and operational performance of potential investments, and advice and guidance on developing and implementing risk management strategies.

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Martin Gallovič

Martin Gallovič

Country Managing Partner, PwC Slovakia

Tel: +421 259 350 111

Štefan  Poláček

Štefan Poláček

Director, Assurance, PwC Slovakia

Tel: +421 910 130 627

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