The way to achieve set targets in a period of global changes is to increase the performance of products, to focus on the most attractive product areas, and to demonstrate readiness to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

The global financial crisis has changed the banking industry fundamentally and permanently. Banking and capital markets CEOs are focusing on the ‘three Rs’: risk, regulation and reputation.

Martin Gallovič, Partner
Martin Gallovic

Key factors that enable banks to adopt new strategies include a client-oriented model and a unified view of client data, the consolidation of distribution channels, product benchmarking, the identification of leading products, client segmentation, and a focus on targeted campaigns.

Main Industry Issues

  • Pressure on revenue growth and cost optimization.
  • Client orientation, unified view of client data through all systems and distribution channels.
  • CRM transformation.
  • Focus on preventing fraud and money laundering.
  • High degree of regulation.
  • Need to increase management reporting performance, to support the decision-making process and management predictions.

We can assist with

  • implementing strategic, client-oriented models that enable a single customer view, advanced client segmentation, client campaign planning, and effective cross selling
  • benchmarking the performance of client staff, as well as the quality and intensity of services provided
  • advising you on consolidating internal systems, making operations more effective, and optimizing processes
  • strategic decision-making
  • implementing advanced planning methods, capital adequacy management, and providing consultancy on developing an overall strategy by using ROE (return on equity), RORC (return on regulatory capital), RORAC (return on risk adjusted capital), and other models
  • optimizing managerial and regulatory reporting
  • advising you on financial regulations and compliance, as well as providing advisory and implementation services related to BASEL II and MiFID
  • money laundering prevention, fraud investigation, and forensic accounting
  • auditing or reviewing financial statements
  • accounting and IFRS consultancy
  • advising you on financing and managing treasury operations
  • reviewing the tax implications of investments in hedging transactions, bonds, and other types of investmentstax and legal assessment of financial instruments (such as derivatives, hedging, syndicated loans, securities, and life-insurance products)advising you on HR issues, remuneration, and know-how management
  • the PayWell Remuneration Study for the financial services sectorefficient tax recapitalization and balance sheet restructuring
  • developing tax-effective retail and commercial products (such as cash pooling and derivative financial instruments) and financial arrangements (such as leasing and factoring)
  • optimizing valuation allowances and provisions resulting from changes in accounting and tax legislation
  • finance structuring – local and international group financing through subordinated debts, profit-share loans, hybrid financing, and analysing transactions with securities and shareholdings

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