Investment incentives


Investment aid is regional support aimed at encouraging investments in disadvantaged regions and in creating new jobs in Slovakia. Individuals and legal entities that are authorized to do business in Slovakia, and whose investment activities and projects meet the conditions of Act 561/2007 Coll. on Investment Aid and on Changes and Amendments to some Acts (“the Act on Investment Aid”) are eligible for investment aid. Under the Act, particularly the following areas should be supported:

Types of State Aid

If an investor meets the conditions set out for state aid above, it can apply for one of the following types of state aid:

  • a subsidy for the acquisition of non-current tangible or intangible assets,
  • income tax relief,
  • a contribution for new jobs,

Key services

  • Identification of the benefits and challenges of investment in Slovakia.
  • Help in structuring your application in order to receive the most suitable incentives for your needs, including full assistance during the application process for the Slovak state aid and investment incentives.
  • Checking that recipients of investment incentives meet statutory requirements throughout the grant period to ensure full utilisation of the investment package.
  • Ensuring that all documentation requirements are met.
  • Advice on tax planning and on maximising support for the investment.

Our assistance with the Slovak state aid and investment incentives negotiating process, including:

  • contacting and meeting the local authorities involved in the Slovak state aid and investment incentives approval process (e.g. the Ministry of Economy of Slovak Republic, Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency – SARIO); and
  • assisting you during your meetings with the local authorities involved in the state aid and investment incentives negotiation process.


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